DOJ’s Hanging AG, Pandering Presumption and Prejudging – Holder Meets Michael Brown’s Parents


In spite of a supposed presumption of innocence being a civil right held by Officer Darren Wilson, Eric Holder has apparently already made his decision. He met with the parents of criminal thug Michael Brown on Wednesday, in an act that is totally inconsistent with the conduct of an impartial and unbiased investigation.

They met at the Eagleton federal courthouse in downtown St. Louis, part of the PR swing to stir up the locals behind the outside agitators and government officials fomenting racial unrest.

Democrats Sen Claire McCaskill, Reps Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) Rep Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) and Gov. Jay Nixon as well as Republican Sen Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) also met with Holder. Governor Nixon has already proclaimed the need for a vigorous prosecution of Wilson, also absent supportive evidence, so the Democrat narrative and group think is established.

Senator Blunt suggested that the investigation be left to local officials and that Holder keep his and DOJ’s involvement to a minimum.

That’s not likely to happen. Holder didn’t come all this way, clearing his busy calendar to back out just because the facts or process don’t perfectly match his agenda. He’s the master of prosecutorial discretion.

He’s in for the long haul, to score as many points as he can for the regime, his race and his party on the backs of the local people of Ferguson and one unfortunate police officer who was attacked in the line of duty. Then again, if Michael Brown had had his way, funeral preparations for Officer Wilson would be underway, so maybe he is fortunate, at least in that regard.

Those within the rank and file of the Department of Justice, at the FBI and in every branch of law enforcement should take notice that they could also be gladly offered up as a sacrifice to the political aspirations of team Obama/Holder.

Holder and company see an opportunity in Ferguson and are all too anxious to walk on the backs of public servants to achieve their goals. In this case it is a local police officer, in other cases it has been border patrol agents and our military. It doesn’t matter. Any and all are expendable for the good of “the collective.”

Rep Clay was asked by the parents to speak at Brown’s funeral, providing yet another opportunity to get out the pro-black thug victim narrative. It’s just more evidence that when it comes to shameless self-promotion and exploitation, the Democrats have no equal.

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