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Dear Feminists: Please Quit Foaming At The Mouth Every Time Rape Is Cried


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For better or worse, the word “rape” is in the air in America.  This fall, long time entertainment icon, legend and really funny man Bill Cosby was accused of rape a long time ago by a number of women.  Lena Dunham, feminist icon in her own mind, little pervert who likes to get naked on screen even though no one wants to see that, all but outright accused a man of date raping her in college in her memoir.  Rolling Stone published a feature account last month of a woman who claimed to have been gang raped by members of Phi Kappa Psi at the University of Virginia.  All three fit a certain narrative on sex in America perpetuated by feminists: Men don’t take no for an answer.

These are just the latest three stories involving rape to surface with that theme in a string that dates back decades.  In each case, the accused – male, all of them – is said to have forced himself, or themselves, on women. The problem in the three cases outlined above, and in a number of others, is that the victim(s) never reported the crimes to authorities, and with little or no physical evidence, there is no way to prove that rape happened.  Or not.  The accused stands alone with no definitive way to clear his name.

Houston, that’s a problem.

In no way would anyone in their right mind want to diminish the horror of rape, or shrug off the possibility that a true rapist could and would escape paying for his or her crime.  However, accusing someone of a crime when they did not commit it is inexcusable.  By the same token, stating that all claims of rape must be honored even if they are not true or are made after enough time that there is no way to prove it, is ludicrous.  And yet, that is what one Washington Post columnist said we must do:

When the Rolling Stone account of the events at the University of Virginia fell apart, the Washington Post published an ill-conceived column by Zerlina Maxwell, a lawyer, under a headline insisting that “we should automatically believe rape victims.”

The headline was later revised to say “generally believe,” but the damage was done and the sentiment expressed – when a girl cries “RAPE!” we all must believe and support her…even if she made it up.

It does not matter if the cry is “RAPE” or “STOP THIEF,” if it didn’t happen, the charge is still a lie.  Crying it too many times when it didn’t happen, and it can be proven it did not happen as is the case at the University of Virginia, and no one is going to pay attention when it really does.  On top of that, it is an insult to the people who really have suffered rape.  As for the falsely accused, their lives can be and have been destroyed.  That is not right, and it is also a direct violation of the presumption of innocence, a bedrock of our legal system.

This is what happens when feminists go overboard with the idea of a “rape culture.”  Yes, it is true that marketing researchers have found that American women tend to equate sex with violence and fear, but how is professing a rape culture against proven falling crime rates going to liberate women?  All that does is imprison women with the idea that men are their enemies and want nothing but primal and carnal pleasure from their pain.  That is a contempt for men that is quite despicable.  And while it may be true for some sick men in the world, it certainly is not for the majority.

To say that the crime of rape itself is anything less than traumatic and life changing is an understatement.  It is possible that the women involved don’t remember all the details.  Fair enough.  But when rape is cried and cannot be proven due to the length of time since the crime, the message of “report the crime when it happens” would help women more than the feminists’ mantra of “we must always believe accusations of rape.”

So, feminists, quit foaming at the mouth about all these rape claims.  We have no idea if they are true.

At this time Bill Cosby has retained counsel and is working to clear his name.  Lena Dunham is being sued by the man who closely resembles the description of “Barry” in her book.  Rolling Stone is dealing with the repercussions of violating journalistic integrity, being taken to task by their colleagues for not verifying facts.  The latter two stories are publicly unraveling.

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