Cornel West Gets Arrested On “Moral Monday” In Ferguson

The lunatics are trying to take over.  After a weekend of fairly peaceful protests that gave aging hippies and 60’s radicals a chance to relive their glory days, the mob left the city proper and headed back to the suburbs.  Back to Ferguson to confront police in what is being dubbed as “Moral Monday”, this time with a big prize in tow: Cornel West.  In a confrontation with police, Mr. West got himself arrested.

Cornel West

Note that the police are maintaining an even strain, not reacting to provocation by people who are obviously in town to excite agitation.  The scene above was part of a march that occurred in Ferguson at midday for about two blocks to the police station.  Several local clergy participated and offered to hear police confessions.  The cops held a line at the station and those who crossed were taken into custody.

Also today were these geniuses blocking traffic on West Florissant near the Emerson Electric campus.  Note the diversity, and yes, they were arrested.

blocking traffic

Photo from Joel Currier’s Twitter feed

Seriously, of all the local world headquarters to try and block, Emerson would not be my first choice.  I guess Monsanto was too far away.

According to the StLToday site, today’s protests drew about 600 people of all shapes, races, and varieties, veterans of the last couple months, professional protesters and some do-gooders from as far away as Oregon.  It seems that it doesn’t matter that the two 18-year olds who got themselves shot and killed by police were attacking the cops when it happened.

A one peruses St. Louis media and the twitter feeds that are popping up, a definite theme is taking shape: public conviction of police departments via moral argument.  No matter how many times it is stressed that in the widely publicized cases here where perpetrators were shot and killed by police the “victims” were in the wrong, slogans meant to instill guilt in well-meaning people take hold and are chanted.  That breaking law is not moral nor is taunting those who are entrusted with our safety never seems to enter the argument.

The other thing that is becoming clear is that the organizers are being financed from outside and are planning out of a used play book.  Last night’s sit-in at Saint Louis University had “occupy” written all over it.  The FergusonOctober website is done on a professional template – and they can’t even get the names of local landmarks correct (Psst: it’s “Soldier’s War Memorial” not “Soldier Memorial”).  The marches in Clayton and downtown were done with police cooperation and the parade barricades which means there’s financing for the permits.  This is smelling like burnt astroturf.

For more scenes from around town Fox 2 has a page with a number of updates and a lot of twitter photos.  Ferguson Scanner Update is also maintaining information on Facebook.  For a police perspective on what the national coverage of Fergsuson has done to make their jobs considerably harder, The Daily Caller has a first hand account posted on their website.


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