Can’t Buy Love… Any Politicians For Sale…

image                                             There are 435 congressmen and 100 senators in Washington that have been reduced to two over the years. We now have one democrat and one republican with 533 followers doing everything their party wants. We need individual Americans who love this country that make decisions in the best interest of the people. Not what’s in the best interest of lobbyist or special interest group. How is being a lobbyist even legal in this country? They spend their money on corrupt officials while buying a vote. If that’s not considered a bribe then what is?

How do most politicians end up being millionaires when they are paid less than 200,000 dollars a year. They are making millions while selling us out. Yes they spend millions while campaigning on lies only to disappear for another four years before lying to us again. Well there is a big difference from being an American or just being an American citizen. Americans know they are not entitled and work hard for what they have. This is the land of opportunity not the opportunity for others to take away what we have. Not the opportunity for elected officials to piss away the future of our kids. I strongly believe we have Americans in Washington who love this country. Those Americans need to do their job and stand up to those citizens who think they are entitled to destroy what we love.

Maybe it’s time for the Department of Justice to create another division in their ranks. Call it the Government Crimes Division and they can start at the top. My Grandfather didn’t watch his brothers die in World War 2 to see a few traitors in Washington get us all killed. So you newly elected officials need to ask yourself one question? Are you an American or just another American citizen? Are you going to make decisions in the interest of your country, or are you gonna be another follower? We need Americans who are leaders and I don’t care if you have a (D) or an (R) in front of your name. Talk is cheap and this country ain’t buying. Ted Cruz said sealing our border is the most important matter we face and I agree. Stop talking about it and do it. The future of this country and the safety of our children depend on it. God bless each of you and may He forever bless this country… Semper Fi, Shep