Some Call Him Stupid! Might Be Just What He Wants You To Think?

imageImmigration reform with an open border can only be described as stupid. Giving 5 million illegals a pass without sealing our border just increases the numbers of those coming across. How are we suppose to prove that somebody hasn’t been here for at least five years. Since January of 2014 there have been close to 300,000 people cross into this country illegally. People promised free housing, food, and clothing paid for by the American taxpayer. People are flooding our border everyday because Kerry and Obama promised these dreamers a free ride.

Kerry and Obama should be charged with 300,000 violations of the law, they allowed these people to break. We have a border problem, just like many politicians have a mouth problem. They are both wide open with a lot of hot air. Jonathan Gruber called the American voters stupid. He wants to talk stupid then let’s talk about stupid. Offering any kind of amnesty with a wide open border is stupid. Telling the American people you care about this country when it’s clear you don’t is stupid. Getting on TV and telling lie after lie and thinking we might fall for those lies just confirms one’s stupidity. Stupid is, stupid does, and the only stupid we see is right at the top.

We are sick of being lied to by politicians every four years only to wake up every day with the same problems. We don’t need a president to tell us he cares about immigrants when the world knows he doesn’t. We need a president who cares about this country and shows it through action not words. The president swore to defend the constitution and is doing everything he can to destroy it. If lawmakers think immigration reform can happen with an open border they should think about who they call stupid. This country has a wide open border, which is not only stupid it’s dangerous. The smart thing to do is close our border first, then figure out what to do next. The stupid thing to do is talk about reform, do nothing, and think we won’t notice. Well we’re tired of stupid and ready for Washington to do something smart… God bless each of you, and may He forever bless this country… Semper Fi, Shep