[Watch] Border Patrol Spokeman: Pretty Much Guaranteed Terrorists Crossing Porous Border


Border Patrol Council #3307 Vice President Chris Cabrera talks with Neil Cavuto about our still porous southern border, addressing a number of serious issues.

Cavuto opens the conversation with a statistic that 70% of those apprehended at the border who are released with an order to appear for a hearing are a no-show at their hearing. Cabrera says that number is not surprising, that in the past it has surged into the 90%’s, the surprising part to him is that we continue to do the same thing and expect a different result.

Cabrera says that the piece of paper is their passport through immigration checkpoints, and once they are though, they just disappear.

Neil Cavuto asks his guest if we make an effort to hold on to track or in any way prevent the free roaming of dangerous individuals in American society, in the sense of a realization that we’ve dropped the ball and need to see where these potentially dangerous people are.

The answer is typical and reprehensible; of course this government doesn’t keep track of the criminals it orders released into our midst. Cabrera says, “We usually know their criminal history, at least in our country when we apprehend them, they classify them as different risks.” He adds, “Unfortunately, once some of them do end up getting detained they end up getting released due to overcrowding and so even the ones that we deem dangerous end up getting released anyway.

Cavuto asks Cabrera if he thinks that Islamic terrorists could be crossing the border as they speak. The answer is again, predictable based upon the situation. He says, “Yeah, you know I think pretty much it’s a guaranteed you know, we have a very porous border, we have the majority of our area down here is uncovered and I think for us to think that it’s not happening, we’d be fooling ourselves.”

As for where the no-shows are within the country, Cabrera mentions that many of them are most likely in our public school systems somewhere, but they could be anywhere, “who knows.”

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