Black Students Walk Out Of School Over Assistant Principals Racially Offensive Tweet

Black students at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk Virginia walked out of class this week to protest a retweet sent from assistant principal, Amy Strickland . The tweet was originally posted by the parody account “OrNahhTweets”, and showed a picture of seven white girls and seven black boys going to a dance. The caption read, “every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare.” Here’s the tweet that is causing all the trouble:




The tweet was sent from the assistant principal’s account in June, but students just found out about it recently. Students say seeing one of their school’s leaders support a statement like that is hurtful. One student took personal offense at being considered a nightmare to anyone while another student said,
“We don’t want her to be fired, ’cause everybody needs a job. But yeah, transfer her, punish her, do something to let us know it has not gone on unnoticed.”
Students say they are taking the tweet seriously and want to know how Principal Adrian Day is handling the situation. They also said they want to hear from Strickland herself.
According to students, the assistant principal is new to Booker T. Washington this year. Her bio on the school website says she came from I.C. Norcom High School in Portsmouth and that she was awarded City-Wide Teacher of the Year award in 2014.

Students say that the only way they feel that they can be heard is by walking out of the school in protest. They are not stopping at the protest either; they have also taken their concerns to other administrators and the school board. Once word got out about the retweet and the media started asking questions, the retweet was deleted along with the entire account.   Norfolk Public Schools officials repeatedly said they could not comment because of the personal nature of the matter, but even though the school has not commented yet, the NAACP is already weighing in and had condemned the tweet.