First Black President? We Havent Had One Yet!

imageThe cowards of Washington say it’s to dangerous to impeach Obama because he is black. When are they going to understand that our laws are written for everyone with no exclusion for color. Obama is a black and white traitor who has brought shame to our country. Exemption from skin color will make it harder for the next black leader to run for office. We can not hold anyone exempt from impeachment especially because of  color. Cowards hide behind color while leaders stand by their character. Let us not forget that Obama is half white so impeach the white man and leave the black man out of it.

There are many good men and women that I would love to see replace Obama. Ben Carson would be a leader I would follow into combat. Allen West would also make a good president and it’s not because he is black. It’s because he is a good man who loves our country. To vote for him because he is black would be an insult to everyone. To vote on him because of his character would be a compliment to every race and religion. You want a black president in the White House I say fine. Take the traitors out of Washington and replace them with Ben Carson or Allen West.

We need leaders we can look up too, not leaders who look down on us. I pray for the day when this country gets our president back. Too many politicians love themselves more than they love this country. Anyone in Washington who fails to protect the constitution is a fraud and should resign from office. The American people spoke in November with their votes and sent the message. We did not vote democrat nor republican! We voted for the country we love and want back. Seal our border, protect this country, and stand up to our enemy in the White House. That enemy is destroying the constitution every politician has sworn to defend. Obama is not America’s first black president. As a matter of fact he is no president at all. Sure would be nice to have a president we could be proud of. What do you say Mr. Carson are you out there… God bless the Red, White, And Blue and may He forever bless each of you… Semper Fi, Shep

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