Bill Passed to Drug Test Welfare Recipients


Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill Friday that will cause welfare recipients to be drug tested.

The one year pilot program will be used in three counties which are still to be determined. If a recipient is suspected of drug use, he or she will be required to take a drug test. If the individual refuses, he or she will not be able to receive benefits for six months. If the recipient tests positive, he or she will be referred to a treatment program. Should the person refuse to take part in the program, welfare benefits will be terminated.

“We want to remove the barriers that are keeping people from getting good jobs, supporting their families and living independently. This pilot program is intended to help ensure recipients get the wrap-around services they need to overcome drug addiction and lead successful lives. We’ll then have opportunity to assess effectiveness and outcomes,”

Governor Snyder stated in a press release.

There are currently about 80,000 individuals on welfare assistance in the state of Michigan.