Bill O’Reilly Tells An Illegal Immigrant, “You Don’t Deserve To Be Here.” [VIDEO]



Immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas has shown no fear when it comes to his legal status. In 2011, Vargas wrote an essay for The New York Times revealing that he is an illegal immigrant. The essay received much media attention and was at the top of the Times “most-emailed” list the week it was published. In June 2012, Vargas wrote a cover story for Time magazine about the uncertainty of his life “in limbo” during the year following his revelation that he was an illegal immigrant. The day after the article appeared, President Obama announced that his administration would halt the deportation of illegal immigrants age 30 and under, who would qualify for DREAM Act.  Jose Antonio Vargas is so well-known among immigration activists, he is commonly referred to as, “the nations most famous illegal immigrant.” After Obama’s announcement, however, that label will now change. Vargas stopped by the O’Reilly factor to share his excitement with the world. O’Reilly, on the other hand, didn’t seem as excited.

“Surely you understand how millions of Americans say, ‘You know what? Bad behavior’s being rewarded.’”.
O’Reilly went on to clarify that he wasn’t talking about people who were brought here through no fault of their own; he meant the illegals who “came here in devious ways.” O’Reilly then asked, “how do you justify that?”
Vargas answered by citing that more than half of the people who are here illegally have been here longer than ten years. He claims that this is their home.
O’Reilly, being the straight shooter that he is, told Vargas,
“it is a compassionate move, but it may not be a just move, because you and the other people here illegally don’t deserve to be here. That’s harsh, it’s harsh, but you don’t have an entitlement to be here.”

Vargas didn’t seem offended in the least by what O’Reilly said, he responded with ” Sir, I don’t feel entitled to be here.”
O’Reilly concluded the interview by saying he believed this whole issue would have been moot if Obama would have waited seven months for the new Congress. He believes that a law would have passed that would have given Vargas, and other illegals in the same situation, legal status to remain in the country. But, since this president couldn’t wait that long, I guess we will never know if O’Reilly is correct.