Biker Rally on Cinco de Julio – Bring Tahmooressi Home, Send Illegals Back to Theirs

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In response to the loss of citizen control and a place for common sense in America’s government, John Harrington and Pete Santilli have joined forces and are leading an event called “Cinco de Julio.” It will take place, as the name indicates, on the fifth of July and is an effort to rally people to take their government back in a peaceful manner through civil disobedience.

Two issues are at the forefront of the objectives which inspired the rally, the release of Marine Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi from a Mexican prison, and a cessation of the importation in violation of American Immigration Law and sovereignty of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.

A motorcycle rally at the Tijuana border crossing is the central component of the event, with efforts to disrupt traffic flow to the point of a virtual shutdown of the border being discussed as objectives.

In an online broadcast, Santilli encouraged his listeners to engage in civil disobedience on July 5th and to just stop on the freeway if they see DHS buses transporting illegals effectively blocking their paths. Santilli said he’s sick and tired of not just watching Barack Obama do what he does and the DHS and mainstream media do what they do. He’s sick and tired of watching the apathetic Americans just sit there and not do anything about it.

He’s asking for four-wheeled vehicle drivers to join the bikers in this effort, challenging the everyday American to do something to retake control of their country.

John Harrington, the owner of Shield Tactical, has been heavily involved recently in efforts to free Sgt Tahmooressi and will lead the biker contingent at the event.

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