Bet You Did Not Know This About “John McCain”!!! Read….

Did You Know This About John McCain

Did You Know This About John McCain

Did You Know This About John McCain

Do You recall a post on an article around a year ago about John McCain being a turncoat? Do you know who the man in the red circle is? Now you can put on your surprised face for John McCain’s I just got caught moment. It appears the Arizona Senator that is disgusted at Obama for the chaos in Iraq was photographed hanging out with ISIS terrorist leaders in Syria!

Does Senator John McCain know he is making headlines? If the Senator isn’t affirming he was pleased Eric Holder is harassing illegal aliens or his lie about Holder investigating the VA, (even though Eric Holder does not have any plans to indict people in the VA), he appears to be little hot under the collar about losing Iraq, but that is not why he has made headlines today.

He seemed to forget about some pictures were captured recently, then broadcast all around the world, with the same people that are creating the trouble in Iraq and Syria and confirmed too violent for even Al Qaeda.

It’s very bad when Al Arabiya, a Muslim Middle East newspaper, laughs at you for a statement that you can determine the “good guys” in Syria. It is even worse to get caught in the middle of funding, being photographed, and being chummy with a terrorist organization. It seems John McCain is either a turncoat, as his fellow Veterans from Vietnam call him, or he can’t tell a “moderate rebel” from the ISIS leader, who was also filmed with McCain despite the multi-million dollar contract on his head.

Let’s take a look at who he was photographed with shall we?

According to Al Arabiya, a man identified as Muahmmad Noor can be seen – a member of the militant brigade. It gets even better with the next series.
The last photo is courtesy of our own CNN, who photographed the man talking to John McCain face to face. If anyone is having trouble recognizing this man, I’ll give you a big hint. When they let him out of an Iraq prison in 2009, he said, “I’ll see you in New York.”
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