Believable? [Watch] The ISIS Video That Shows U.S. Small Weapons Airdropped To The Wrong Place

Today, the media arm of ISIS posted this video to their YouTube account.  Supposedly, it shows that American airdropped weapons meant for the Kurds who are fighting ISIS on the ground. 

By all accounts the video is unconfirmed to be of a recent airdrop, and from the size of the shipment in the netting and the size of the boxes, the arms containers lined up against the fence in the later part of the video could not have been part of it – at least not packed the way they were.  That does not change that the grenades displayed look an awful lit like what is U.S. issued.  It could be that the weapons in question have been there for some time, but the weathering on the wooden boxes does not exactly bear that out.

What is frightening about this, though aside from the variety of weapons that ISIS has no trouble appropriating, is that American war plane targeting is either really off or ISIS has taken more territory than we realize and they are getting their hands on projectiles that will most definitely help their cause.  According to the Daily Beast:

The authenticity of this latest video could not be independently confirmed, but the ISIS fighters in the video are in possession of a rich bounty of American hand grenades, rounds for small rockets, and other supplies that they will surely turn around and use on the Kurdish forces they are fighting in and around the Turkish border city.

And what did White House Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes have to say about placement of the airdrops yesterday?

“We feel very confident that, when we air drop support as we did into Kobani… we’ve been able to hit the target in terms of reaching the people we want to reach,” Rhodes told CNN. “What I can assure people is that, when we are delivering aid now, we focus it on the people we want to receive that assistance. Those are civilians in need. Those are forces that we’re aligned with in the fight against ISIL [the government’s preferred acronym for ISIS], and we take precautions to make sure that it’s not falling into the wrong hands.”

Oops.  Better luck next time Ben.

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