Bag-Man Biden – Point Man in The Deliberate Creation of Today’s Border Crisis


I’ve said it ever since this “border crisis” started heating up that there was simply too much coincidental and unlikely occurrences taking place for this to be anything other than an orchestrated event.

The money that is required for these people to pay to smugglers, I have proposed, is being provided to the Central American government officials in the form of U.S. Aid.

Joe Biden, now Vice-President, made a trip to the nations exporting their citizens to our country, and promised hundreds of millions of dollars in “foreign aid,” which the leaders can spend as they see fit.

It seems that much of that money is being used to pay the traffickers who are bringing the illegals to the United States, that it is a payment for services rendered to the Obama socialists. They want to degrade our country and a flood of illegal border-crashers is an important part of their plan.

It turns out that Joe Biden also played a role in establishing the law which set up the legal requirement that these people be brought into the United States and processed.

The extension of previously existing legislation, the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000, intended to deal with the rather small number of child victims of sexual trafficking. It included a stipulation which required the victims be processed in the United States prior to being repatriated to their home countries.

A subsequent version passed in 2013, the  Violence Against Women Act, introduced similar protections for women who were victims of domestic violence.

Both of these protections, which are now being exploited by the administration as loopholes for their lawlessness were placed into the legislation by the current Vice-President, Joe Biden.

It was there, ready to be utilized when needed, as a backup plan to the failed Democrat amnesty. Who knows, maybe the amnesty was a ruse all along, the socialists are masters at diversion.

In his short six month tenure at DHS, Secretary Jeh Johnson has been working tirelessly on centralizing his power, focusing on reducing the independence and effectiveness of the Border Patrol. They have gone from border protection to little more than a collection and processing agency for inductees.

Their function is increasingly more administrative, providing a paper trail and a means of identification in the U.S. for those who will eventually be released into our society. They will have to be tracked, taxed and most importantly, registered to vote.

Now the Obama regime is seeking billions of dollars to “deal with the crisis,” though not to send people back and not to secure the border. They need the money to absorb the border-crashers, to process, transport, and support them. Of course, there will have to be more “foreign aid” as well. They can’t afford to let the pipeline dry up.

Obama made the announcements beginning in December of last year that this was going to be a year of action. His proclamations that he would act on his own were undoubtedly made in part with this process in mind.

This is not an accidental or spontaneous event. The necessary components were clearly put into place in advance of implementation and made this situation not only possible, but deliberately created the inevitability.

The crisis is now being managed by the regime officials in order to maximize the return on their investment of time and our tax dollars. It will continue, uncorrected, for as long as Americans permit them to exploit it.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit