As The World Descends Into Chaos, Obama’s Recreation and Relaxation Are White House Top Priority


Nothing, including America’s vanishing southern border or a terrorist army and the pleas of desperate allies in need of assistance, gets in the way of Hussein Obama’s leisure time. Destroying a nation is hard work. Lying, while appearing to be natural, with the falsehoods simply flowing from his tongue, does take a lot out of a fellow. Obama needs to recharge his batteries. Vacation number, whatever, who can keep track anymore, will start on schedule.

Propagandist Josh Earnest assured us that “everything’s cool” with Obama, and, with the dynamic duo of his two top “national security aides,” Ben Rhodes and Susan Rice joining him, what could possibly go wrong?

The worldwide chaos does seem to be proceeding according to plan and Obama’s got some serious violations of the Constitution to prepare for. He’s probably wise to get a little Barack time in, maybe reflect upon what he’s doing to the world. Who knows, he might even develop a conscience or remorse. Not likely.

When asked by reporters if there were any changes to Obama’s schedule, Earnest replied, “At this point, I don’t have any changes in the president’s schedule to announce.”

His vacation to Martha’s Vineyard is scheduled to end on August 24th, with a trip back to DC on the 17th for two days of meetings. Surely the content of those meetings won’t be beneficial for the American people. Maybe that will be the preparation and the green light for his next dictatorial act.

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