Arizona Gov Jan Brewer – Illegals and Cartels Draining State Coffers, Only Hope is A New President


With the constant threat of dictatorial decrees aimed at her state and the American citizens in general, Arizona governor Jan Brewer speaks clearly to the issue in an interview with Breitbart News. Brewer said, “We don’t want an imperial president dictating what we will do in our state.”

Governor Brewer is running out of options for dealing with an adversarial and derelict federal government in her economically-strapped state. She sees nothing on the horizon to potentially improve Arizona’s border circumstances until a new president is elected to office. The criminal administration just dumped another 1,000 illegal aliens in her state.

Brewer said of Obama, “Well, I think the people in Arizona, myself included, believe that [he is punishing Arizona]. He obviously has not been a help to Arizonans. He certainly hasn’t done his job with Arizona as far as making us safe and secure. We have the most porous border in the country, unfortunately for us.”

Brewer says she is “grateful” that Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry sent the National Guard to his state’s border, but she doesn’t anticipate a similar move in Arizona. She said, “In Arizona we don’t have the resources by any stretch of the imagination. It would cost $12 million dollars a week to put border patrol on my border, and we don’t have that kind of money. We don’t have oil. We just don’t have the resources.”

She continued, “But I think having the National Guard on their border is not deterring what we’re seeing in the families and the people who are coming, because that just means they’ll just turn themselves in to the National Guard to be turned in to the system to get into America, because they’re surrendering,”

Brewer added, “They’re not hiding from [border patrol], but the drug cartel will be deterred, so instead of coming over the Texas border, that balloon gets squeezed and then they come up through Arizona.”

“So then Arizona and my citizens will be the gateway once again for the drug cartels, and with that comes all the other problems we have to face, which I repeatedly said over and over again. The only answer that is ever going to solve this is to get everyone to the table and to get our border secured, so we can deal with all the people who are already in here and how we are going to deal with legal immigration, but until that gets done, I think our only hope is a new president.”

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