Actor Found On Fire On Top of Train



Twenty-one year old Brian McClellan from Cleveland, Ohio was found burning alive atop a stalled commuter train in Connecticut early Sunday morning.

According to the crew of the Metro-North train, he was discovered when they went to investigate why the train had lost all it’s power. The gruesome sight that met their eyes was not what they had expected. The young man had been set on fire by the mechanical arms that draw power from the overhead power lines…all 12,500 volts. The crew put out the smoking body with a fire extinguisher. The aspiring young actor/model was rushed to Westchester Medical Center, where he was treated for burns on over 85% of his body. The young man died Monday from his severe burn injuries.

Police are investigating why McClellan was on top of the train, reportedly having a video of him climbing on top. A Fox News report stated: “Video taken at the Stamford rail station shows an apparently intoxicated McClellan climbing on top of the New Haven train line shortly before 5:10 a.m. Sunday in Riverside, Connecticut, a source said.”

McClellan had recently been hired to work on set at three different TV and movie shoots this week alone, including a show starring Hilary Duff and a movie thriller called ‘Urge’ starring Pierce Brosnan, according to Ryan Colby, McClellan’s agent. He said the victim moved to New York City two years ago to find work in the acting/modelling business, and that McClellan had “a bit of a daredevil streak.”

Friends and family members posted on his Facebook page in an outpouring of grief. A post from Madie Miller reads: “I’m just in shock of what I found out. You were such a good man and a great friend. You’ve touched my life and others in so many ways. I’m really going to miss you. Rest in Peace, Brian McClellan, you are loved.”

Patty Waugaman McClella also expressed her feelings on the page: “My dear nephew Brian, my heart aches this morning. I will miss you dearly, your beautiful smile, your warm personality, and your positive outlook on life. You were such a wonderful joy to us all. Be at peace, it was too soon for you to be taken from us all, you will be in our hearts forever. RIP Brian.”

A post from Brian himself last Thanksgiving expressed the kind of attitude he had toward life. “I will change the world. It’s only a matter of time. I can’t wait until I can give my family whatever they want.”

The incident remains under investigation.