A Letter to America. Would YOU Sign This Letter?

constitutionA message recently came to us from one of our readers. What do you think of it, America?

Dear Washington and All Politicians:

I am just a working class person. I just wanted to let you know that it’s my family that goes without groceries and new clothes for the year. It’s me that goes without sleep as I break my back working two jobs so you can have private jets and fresh lobster dinners flown to West coast from the East. And you continue to ignore the people you’re working for!

I voted for you, Mr. Obama, but when you go golfing or go on TV doing basketball brackets instead of doing your job (i.e. attending briefings on important issues), you’re fired!!! In the normal working world if you went golfing instead of doing your job…you would be fired!!!!!

Fellow Working Americans, It’s time to end this. I know there are elections coming up and those politicians better listen good.

It’s time to make the people who work for us actually work for us. It’s time to hold them to our standards.

I work two jobs just to scrape by and pay the bills because of their plans like healthcare that they won’t even use!!!!! Stand with me, fellow citizens, and let’s tell those people in Washington and all the other politicians:

You work for the people and the people have had enough. The first Revolution was over a 2% tax increase. 2%!!!!!! We’ve given you long enough, six years now, and we have had enough. You are fired. We are done being robbed by the government.

Why do overworked, underpaid people put their lives on the line everyday so you can continue your bigotry and luxurious lifestyles in complete disrespect of them??

You’re charismatic, empty promises and good looks no longer blind our eyes.
The People have spoken.
You no longer represent our best interests, Mr. Obama, so you better look for a new line of work.

And we aren’t just talking to one party. No, both parties have failed and politicians and those in control are fired!!!

If you make it clear that you will support the radical terrorists intent on killing us, you cannot hold office!! And don’t start saying this is racist, because I’m not talking to the Muslims I personally know who are normal people and stand against the jihadists! They hate that those people give them a bad name, too.

You have lied to us, stolen from us, defied us, and deceived us. We, as your employers, fire you for that alone!

This here message I’m sending in and hoping someone has the balls to print is taking a vote that you can’t control and fix to what you want!

It’s time we had people in office who have proven their integrity and then hold them to it.

So here is your pink slip, Washington! Welcome to the REAL WORKING WORLD!