7 Year Old Protests Police Brutality, Another Child Rants About White Privilege [VIDEO]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me5Ito09b9c]

Children are now voicing their point of view over the Grand Jury decision not to indict the officer who killed Eric Garner. Kids as young as 7-years-old were out protesting police brutality in Chicago. A mother, who organized the small demonstration, brought her three daughters to the event and stood by while they spoke with local news stations. When 7-year-old Sitota Ryan was asked why she was protesting police brutality she responded with, “I don’t know,” She went on to explain “Sometimes I learn more things when I protest.”

The same mom brought her three children to a Michael Brown protest the previous week. The mother, Sarah Ryan, said she believes partaking in peaceful protests helps form the world we live in. “Doing this has made me more aware of the privileges I have,” she said. Her daughter Aidan said she believes protests are a good way to tell people when something isn’t okay. “Everyone should be treated the same”.
Her sister Sitota added, ” I think it’s nice to see how people care about black lives. I think it’s important.” One child said that she watched the video of Eric Garner being killed. She was asked how she felt about it and responded by saying, “I think it’s sad,”
About 30 people walked down the streets of Chicago chanting with their hands up while police tried to contain them to the sidewalk. They held signs that read “I can’t breathe!” and “The blood is on your hands”, a great atmosphere for children at Christmas time.