40 Scabies-Infected Illegals Quarantined – Agents Infected, Sick Illegals May Have Been Released To U.S. Population


The processing of illegal aliens at the various sites operates in a state of perpetual overload, with shortcuts being taken as the conflict for space and the demands of deadlines take precedent over public safety.

Forty illegal aliens at one detention center, who are actively infected with scabies, have already been transported on a public passenger jet from Texas to Chula Vista, Ca. They arrived on July 4th and were among a group of 140 brought to Chula Vista to be released. While those forty with scabies and head lice were discovered and are being held in quarantine, others have surely slipped through.

A contaminated seat on an airplane isn’t the only risk that Americans will now be exposed to. The infected illegals will soon be walking among the rest of us, spreading their disease everywhere they go.

A Chula Vista border agent who was forced to deal with the infected illegals told the National Review that whoever is responsible for the medical screening before they are transferred from Texas should be fired.

He said, “Management’s more concerned about processing and getting rid of them as quickly as possible than looking at decontamination.” He added, “And [the released illegal immigrants] go out in the community, get on the public transportation, go where they need to go, and it could result in another infestation of scabies being spread everywhere.”

This latest infestation comes on top of another outbreak they were already dealing with at the San Diego Sector. Two Border Patrol agents at the Brown Field Border Patrol Station developed rashes on July 3, shortly after processing a load of illegals from Texas.

Ron Zermeno, the Health and Safety Director of the National Border Patrol Council Local 1613 verified the infestation.

In what appears as a strong validation of one argument made by protesters, those infected illegals were actually on board the first buses they blocked from entering Murrieta, CA.

The first agent infected was conducting medical screening of all detainees prior to release to ICE, even though he is not a medically trained professional. It was during his observations and screening activities that he is believed to have become infected himself.

Zermeno wrote, “[The Border Patrol agent] is not a trained medical professional but did the best he could do. He was not told about any precautions to take such as decontamination of himself and uniform.”

Not only did the agent put himself at risk, but also his contaminated person and clothing endangered his family and those he carpools with. The Scabies mites are easily transferred and burrow into the skin of their host victim, where it lives and lays its eggs.

Although FEMA personnel had supposedly already conducted health screenings on the infected illegals, there were “several” found with active scabies and other illnesses.

Director Zermeno wrote, “We do not know exactly which detainee was infected and processed at Brown Field that resulted in the agent contracting this disease. We suspect that they could have been already transferred to ICE custody and may have already been released in the surrounding communities.”

Zermeno was critical, saying, “Border Patrol management is aware of the scabies outbreak but continue[s] to ignore recommendations. I request that your staff not down play this incident and call it an isolated incident.”

Ten others, mostly children, were taken to San Diego area hospitals with unknown illnesses. Speaking for his union and membership, Zermeno said that pulling agents could put national security on the line. He also noted that “The morale is the lowest I’ve ever seen it.”

He said he just wants to protect his agents and the border, as well as get the truth out of the increasing threat of exposure. Zermeno said, “I think the public needs to be aware. The average citizens [are not] aware because they could be exposed tomorrow.”

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