2013 American Murder Weapon Data Is In And Defies The Gun Control Narrative Yet Again


As usual when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) releases is annual data on how Americans kill other Americans, handguns topped the list in 2013.  By a lot.  5,782 people killed via handgun. (1,157 were in Illinois and California, so that leaves the rest for the other 48 states.  Chicago and LA anyone?)  That number actually dropped in 2013 according to a table at The Federalist, but what is really fascinating is the second most popular murder weapon of choice.

Knives.  Old fashioned sharp blades were used by criminals against their victims 1,490 times in 2013.  That’s more than the dreaded shotguns and rifles combined (593).  Rifles alone, the firearms targeted in the “Assult Weapons” ban, which expired in 2003 actually were used less often than shotguns.

Overall, the national murder rate dropped in 2013, continuing a trend that defies the liberal narrative that banning guns will reduce the number of murders committed.  Just the opposite has happened.  As Americans have become more free to carry firearms, the murder rate has fallen, most dramatically in Chicago where gun registry is no longer required and concealed carry is now legal.


In 2013, however, Chicago’s murder rate fell to its lowest level in 48 years. What could have possibly led to such a drastic change? This might help explain it.


“Gun owners in the nation’s third-largest city will no longer have to register their firearms with the local authorities, ending a policy that has helped the police track guns here for decades.


“Chicago’s City Council voted to make the change on Wednesday, modifying the municipal code to comply with a new state law that will make Illinois the last in the nation to allow people to carry concealed weapons in public. While the city’s strict bans on assault weapons and gun dealers remain, the loss of control over its own registry, in effect since 1968, was another setback for gun control proponents — this time in President Obama’s hometown, in a state run by Democrats.”


The 2013 law passed by the Chicago city council didn’t just kill the city’s gun registry. More important, it also removed a ban on gun possession outside the home, a much-needed change that finally gave law-abiding citizens the ability to protect themselves throughout the city. And earlier that year, the state legislature in Illinois finally passed a law allowing lawful citizens to carry concealed weapons to protect themselves.

If there is anything that should be understood at this point, it is that a person who is bound and determined to kill another person is going to do so however they can.  Handguns make it easy, but throughout history humans have been killing one another with any number of different weapons.  Despite the gun control lobby’s rhetoric, the fact remains that when people are legally able to defend themselves, the murder rate drops.  Criminals will find a way to get their hands on weapons whether it is legal or not.  An arbitrary law will not stop them.

The gun control narrative has been disproven once again.  The question is will they ever admit it.

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