13 Everyday Things We Can Do To Live Like Americans Without Apology


Okay sports fans – and that would be baseball, football, hockey and basketball since Americans have some ridiculous aversion to soccer 😉 – it is now time to review how we Americans can show our true colors and live life without apology to the minority people who are trying to take us over by whining, crying, complaining and otherwise being massive pains in the backside until someone gives in to them.  Sort of like two-year olds.

And the worst part, a lot of these people are here thanks to guest worker visas in the modern version of squatting.

Wear Stars and Stripes Accessories – It seems that our minority complainers came here only to find the very symbol of the country – the American flag with fifty stars in a field of blue representing the states, and thirteen stripes representing the original thirteen colonies – to be offensive.  Well, since we Americans consider the Stars and Stripes to be just short of sacred, let us all find bandanas, cufflinks, ties, hats, scrungies (yes, I have one), hair ribbons, headbands and so much more covered in the American flag.  Being offended by the very symbol of our nation while on our shores is offensive to us.  If the squatters don’t like it, they can go home.

Bald eagles,  golden eagles and more eagles – Ah, the other beloved symbol of our great nation.  Well, it’s more of a mascot rescued from the brink of extinction and revered for magnificence in flight.  They have vision to be envied and no fear being birds of prey.  They are also carrion birds, which makes them non-Sharia, as luck would have it.  That makes them offensive to at least one minority group which is probably why wind farms have no trouble getting permits to kill them.  Love America, love our eagles.  Get used to it.

Order bacon with every meal – Nothing seems to set off the people hell bent on changing our ways for us than bacon.  Why?  Because it’s pork belly.  (And very tasty, but don’t tell the complainers that.  More for us.)  So, shall we eat it whenever we can?  With full apologies to our Jewish friends and neighbors of course, but since annoying the minority is a common goal, hopefully they will be gracious about taking one for the team.

Own, care for and love dogs if one can – now, not everyone is a dog person, but the minority enclaves who piss and moan about all things American since coming here, consider dogs to be filthy, rotten non-Sharia creatures, not the loving, sweet and useful companions we know them to be.  I would recommend big, powerful breeds with a lot of sharp teeth for protection if nothing else, but those aren’t for everyone.  Do your homework on breeds and mixes available.  People allergic to pet dander may find that pooches off the poodle and bichon lines don’t bother them, and no they don’t need to be in stylized field cuts that are used in the show ring all the time.  (Go here for the dog story that inspired this post.)

When eating out, say Grace before a meal – In the good old USA, public prayer has been and will always be a part of life.  So is giving thanks before a meal.  There is no reason why paying customers at restaurants all over the fruited plain can’t do so at their table.  My household does it all the time and we see others doing it.  For maximum effect, those of us who are Catholic should make the Sign of the Cross as slowly and reverently as possible as the Holy Trinity seems to be a concept that sets them off.  (Not that we shouldn’t always do this anyway.)

Ladies, be girly girls – Now, I realize that among even some conservative women, the issue of dressing up, doing your face and coiffing has been cut down to a minimum, and is considered to be a lot of work, but our sisters within a certain minority are not even supposed to make ANY effort at enhancing their looks.  We who can should at least make an attempt of some sort.  Even just wearing shorter sleeves and white socks is a celebration of the freedom we have and other women don’t.

Sing or whistle when walking down the street – Not all of our minorities have a problem with music, but members of the one that does tend to shout down anything that they don’t like.   Well, we Americans generally like music and have no problem singing at least (there are some protestant groups that don’t dance, but I digress).  So, being freedom loving people we should all walk down the street with a song on our lips, or at least not be embarrassed when someone else does.  Bonus points if it’s something patriotic.

Fly kites – It seems that the rather innocuous pastime of kite flying is not part of one of the guest cultures currently on our shores.  They have a problem with this.  God only knows why.  (Not asking Allah.)  On those grounds alone, it is worth the time to learn this age old leisure activity.

Wear a cross, Crucifix or Star of David around your neck.  And just for good measure, maybe a pin with a pope or two – Symbols, symbols, symbols.  It’s all about symbols.  These are the things that make the squatters cringe.  Sort of like throwing Holy Water on a possessed person.  For some reason fish, doves and folded hands don’t have the same effect.  Go for the maximum.

Evangelize in the street – Quite frankly, the rest of us may be uncomfortable with this, but it’s for a good cause.  They do it.  It’s a free country.  Why can’t we?

Play board games in a public outdoor space – Just about every American city now has a park or a bunch of tables where gentlemen gather to be civilized and fight battles on a board.  Usually this is done via chess pieces in a game that hones concentration and strategy skills.  Take a guess who argues this point.  And it’s not just chess, either, but every other board game out there.

Collect piggy banks, and request that your bank give the cheap, free plastic ones out in the shape of a pig – This one is a no brainer.

Celebrate all non-major holidays that are part of or descend from Christianity:

  • On St. Valentine’s Day, hand out candy and cards to everyone you meet – Not sure why the day we celebrate the legacy of a third century Roman bishop is such a problem, especially since the religious aspect has been removed, but it is.  Maybe it has something to do with the involvement of courtly love instead of forced marriage and rape.
  • Dress up on Halloween – All Hallows Eve.  The night before the celebration of All Saints.  This year, I will set up camp in the driveway with a jack-o-lantern in my vampire dress, lots of rhinestones and a lit candelabra.  The Latinos may come by, and lots of Jewish kids, but the squatters…no.
  • Whoop it up on Mardi Gras – And eat plenty of bacon in the days before Lent.  In some places, Mardi Gras has devolved into a decadent party, but really it’s all about getting ready for the season of repentance.
  • Wear green on St. Patrick’s Day – Always.

If it seems that this post is all about Americans being ourselves…yes, it is.  No MINORITY has a right to come here and demand we change specifically to accommodate them.  There’s more of us, and, frankly, it’s our country.

This post was inspired by a video of a Muslim throwing bricks at a couple German Shepherds.  Not smart.

Information and details of what seems to offend our squatters can be found here: Things That Offend Muslims


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