11 Year Old Boy Being Changed Into Girl In California- Sex Change Procedures On Children…

I’m going to unload something here and there are just my personal feelings and beliefs. You obviously have a right to disagree, at least until the police state progresses reach the point of thought and language control.

I am not condoning people doing harm to anyone, in fact, I am arguing for the protection of children. They too often become victims to the liberal-sponsored depravity that’s running rampant in America. Children are the least equipped to protect themselves and the most vulnerable members of our society. To ignore the crimes against them which are being endorsed and facilitated by the State is inexcusable.

The dictionary says: Child Abuse has been defined as an act, or failure to act, on the part of a parent or caretaker that results in the death, serious physical or emotional harm, Sexual Abuse, or exploitation of a child, or which places the child in an imminent risk of serious harm (42 U.S.C.A. § 5106g).

I am going to focus on the issue of physical and emotional harm, as well as the sexual abuse issue. I am not an attorney or a medical professional. From the looks of things, too many professionals have had the common sense driven completely out of them by the institutions of higher learning and had it replaced with their new definitions of what is normal, acceptable, reasonable and beneficial.

There is an eleven year old boy in Berkley, CA, Thomas Lobel, who has had the misfortune to have been adopted by a couple of lesbian women who, in what may be their own little act of revenge upon the male gender, are transforming a defenseless little boy into a girl. Thomas is undergoing a controversial hormone blocking treatment which will prevent him from going through puberty as a boy, although his boy genitalia will still be there in a diminished form.

Great for him, he won’t be a boy, won’t be a girl, but will definitely be different. That is just what you want to do to a kid who is trying to navigate the landscape of growing up. Put obstacles and self-doubt into his path.

They have justified their actions through the perverse idea that he will inevitably have to make the transition, so why not just get it over with. The younger the better, they argue, he’ll be less likely to want to kill himself if he’s allowed to turn into a girl.

That rationale should be enough to make them take a pause in and of itself. Emotional harm is one of the criteria for child abuse. If you contribute to the damage of a child’s psyche intentionally, to such an extent that you are concerned for the child’s potential suicidal response, you are probably doing something wrong to that child. Changing a physically normal boy into a hybrid does not eliminate the risk of suicide. In fact, an increased risk of suicide would seem to be a likely outcome. Raising a well adjusted boy with the proper physical equipment to handle daily life seems a more preferable alternative.

Rather than encourage manliness and educate the boy as to what it means to be a man, they engage in the self-gratification of their lifestyle preference by proxy. Does vanity demand that the boy be sacrificed for the sake of their in-vogue lesbian activism and new-found fame as neighborhood celebrities?

Perhaps, if the Gender Distortion agenda weren’t in charge of so much of the court, judicial, educational and medical professions, this kind of perversion upon an innocent child wouldn’t be permitted, much less encouraged in the lunatic preserve that is California, and the San Francisco Bay area.

I don’t care what two adults do between the two of them. I believe in personal liberty and personal liberty begins at home. I do care when you extend that freedom into an attack on innocents, such as a child, in the name of promoting an agenda.

In my opinion, (and this is my article) that is what is being done here by the State of California through this morally, if not statutorily criminal act. They are sacrificing this child in the name of their demented version of the common good and the furtherance of their leftist agenda.

The liberal agenda is anti-natural, anti-traditional and especially anti-God. So any acts in which they can insert themselves into the equation as a replacement for any or all of these components are irresistibly attractive to them. With their actions in this case, the State has hit a grand slam.

People are afraid to speak up. They fear they will be judged as intolerant, name called, or ridiculed. I am not afraid. I don’t care what a perpetrator of evil thinks of me. I don’t care that my position upon an issue is known. Those who are unable to speak for themselves need other voices to speak on their behalf.

Silence for the sake of political correctness or tolerance doesn’t extend to the abuse of children. At that point it becomes cowardliness. Once this boy is an adult, he is in a position to make this decision for himself. Before then, it is wrong, no matter what label you attach to it.