Zuckerberg Says Terrorists Just Need To Feel Cared For And Loved


There are a couple of questions that are begging to be asked of Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg in response to statements he made regarding ISIS. Zuckerberg said that the terrorist attacks in Belgium, Pakistan and Turkey were intended to create divisions within the nations. He said, “Each of these attacks was carried out with a goal to spread fear and distrust, and turn members of a community against each other.” He then used the UN world government code word “sustainable,” saying, the “only sustainable way to fight back” is to “create a world” where everyone “feels cared for and loved.”

The first question that desperately needs to be asked is if he is so ignorant as to actually believe that the ISIS fighters all come from poor, underprivileged homes, where there is a shortage of support and love. And what of the married ISIS members and those with children, is there still a love deficiency?

If he truly is that poorly informed, we are led to wonder how he has been able to form such a large and diverse international company followed by the next question, how has he been able to hold on to it.

If he knows it’s a bull crap premise he’s peddling, then the logical follow up would be why, what does he gain by convincing the naïve and uninformed of the world that the only way to defeat a terrorist is by giving him a big sloppy wet one in the same place their goats do.

In keeping with that sustainability theme that he led off with, Zuckerberg, as a member of the globalist elite, is part of the lockstep march towards world communism, a one world government under the United Nations in which he and his comrades rule an authoritarian “global country.”

Zuckerberg could test his theory easily enough, if he’s a man of his convictions, by simply contacting his friends, the UN refugee resettlement contractors, and have himself set up as a sponsor. He could invite a couple hundred Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians and Bangladeshis to move in with him, fully supported with everything they could want, maybe even a few white women to grope and molest by the pool, in an intimate enough setting where he could experience their love first hand and they could delight in his.

He could create his own min-world of caring and love, a kind of bull crap biosphere. We’ll see just how sustainable it turns out to be.

And don’t worry about vetting the refugees, Zuckerberg, although we don’t have a way to do it, your comrade Hussein Obama assures us it’s not necessary and taking in potential terrorists is “who we are” as a country. Let’s find out if you lefties are right, if terrorists actually do become teddy bears with enough money and hugs. Osama Bin Laden’s family members were all mega-wealthy Saudis, as we all know, and he had many wives and children. Who knows, maybe the new terrorists are different.

If you turn out to have guessed wrong or been just plain full of liberal BS, we’ll pray that your wife and child escape the consequences of your simple-minded experiment. You were probably planning to risk other people’s lives and families, the ones that don’t really matter to big important people like you. Maybe this plan isn’t quite as appealing as what you had in mind.

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