Yo, Trump Bashers, We The People Have Quit Paying Attention (LA LA LA LA)

2016 is turning out to be more than just the strangest election year in anyone’s memory.  As it happens, it is the year that the American people decided to quit listening to the mainstream and alternative media sorts who made careers of telling us all how to think.  It is also the year that a clear message is being sent to life-long politicians and the two political parties that resemble each other more than they differ that Americans cannot be counted on to vote as we are told.  We the people, far from being the dumbed down puppets that the political “experts” work to steer, have finally found a political footing that has been brewing for decades.

2016 is the year the great unwashed masses of main street FINALLY became a political insurgency large enough to terrify the establishment beyond the march on Washington on September 12, 2010, and the establishment is panicking to the point that their efforts to subvert the will of the people are making headlines.

The signs have been there for some time, actually, that the American people, and thus the wider electorate, consider the entire idea of voting as relatively useless, otherwise turnout on election days would be much higher than it normally is.  The vast majority of Americans actually sit out elections and politics as a rule, and, as conservatives have complained for years, much of this stems from a lack of a compelling candidate who actually speaks the language of the average, every day citizen.  (This writer is beginning to believe that move might be deliberate, actually.)

In 2016, however, one candidate with a strong enough stomach to face down not just the entrenched interests of the government, but the amazingly brutal vetting process both political parties and the mainstream media have developed over the years to weed out the unworthy, appeared on the scene and started talking about the very issues that the American people are worried about, and are not seeing any action from the government to fix.  Issues like a porous southern border that allows for terrorists to just walk in, and the high cost of health insurance thanks to ObamaCare.  This candidate talks about jobs, and how the American middle class is being bilked out of opportunity and wealth building by jobs being shipped overseas.  This candidate also appeals to national pride with overtures to “Make America Great Again” as her status on the world stage has increasingly dimmed of late.

This candidate uses words like “terrible” and “horrible” and the language of the people.  He is rough and tumble, not smoothly elegant or intellectual.  He also is not of the establishment despite great wealth, and THAT is his unforgivable flaw, we are told.  He also doesn’t disavow what is distasteful to the establishment both in the mainstream media, and in politics.

The establishment, and the entrenched media that serve them on both sides of the political divide, have decided that this candidate cannot POSSIBLY occupy the highest office in the land despite a commanding lead in political polls and, so far during the primary season, winning all but one state. (It’s early, but running the table the rest of the way looks to be possible.)  The deals have been struck out of higher office have left the pages of the conspiracy sites, and made their way to…the front page of the New York Times, respectable conservative blogs, AND what is being reported there is manifesting all over broadcast and print organs.  The candidate in question is the subject of a full court press smear and half-truth effort that is prompting the very people the establishment and their media lackeys need to convert to turn off the television, radio, AND quit reading the websites.

(That also made headlines regarding Fox News losing the trust of conservatives this week.)

In effect, by supporting the frontrunner who is everything the establishment is not, the American people are telling the establishment across the board:

LA LA LA LA LA!   We can’t HEAR you!

Now, that may sound a bit juvenile for the political arena, but that’s about where the American people are, and have been for decades.  In 1996, a conservative intellectual by the name of Samuel Francis wrote a piece published in an obscure political magazine that said anyone who could manage to actually speak directly to the people and run against Wall Street, for lack of a better term, effectively, would amass an unstoppable campaign, because, for once, middle America would have an ECONOMIC voice speaking directly to them.

Middle American groups are more and more coming to perceive their exploitation at the hands of the dominant elites. The exploitation works on several fronts—economically, by hypertaxation and the design of a globalized economv dependent on exports and services in place of manufacturing; culturally, by the managed destruction of Middle American norms and institutions; and politically, by the regimentation of Middle Americans under the federal leviathan.

In 2016, social issues are taking a definite back seat to economic ones, and questions regarding national security.  The argument here is not so much that the conservative way of life is under attack, but that the people, thanks to globalization, are sinking into poverty.  And THAT is the topic the candidate under attack is addressing that the establishment is not.

THAT is why he, Donald Trump, is winning.

And THAT is why the American people are tuning out the mainstream and established alternative media that are acting as the mouthpieces of both political parties.  The establishment is not telling the people what they want to hear.

A lot of people on both sides of the political spectrum are not happy about broken promises as well.  That is yet another factor driving the success of a non-politician beating the “experts” at their own game.

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Cultural Limits
A resident of Flyover Country, Cultural Limits is a rare creature in American Conservatism - committed to not just small government, Christianity and traditional social roles, but non-profits and high arts and culture. Watching politics, observing human behavior and writing are all long-time interests. In her other life, CL writes romance novels under her nom de plume, Patricia Holden (@PatriciaHoldenAuthor on Facebook), and crochets like a mad woman (designs can be found on Facebook @BohemianFlairCrochet and on Pinterest on the Bohemian Flair Crochet board). In religion, CL is Catholic; in work, the jill of all trades when it comes to fundraising software manipulation and event planning; in play, a classically trained soprano and proud citizen of Cardinal Nation, although, during hockey season, Bleeds Blue. She lives in the Mid-Mississippi River Valley with family and two cute and charming tyrants...make that toy dogs.

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