Who Wore It Better? Hillary Clinton Or…

Who Wore It Better? Hillary Clinton Or…

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary was worn a number of different looks. One coat caused a lot of discussion. It has a $12,500 price tag and she wore it while speaking about income inequality.

In this edition of “Who wore it better” we will pit a few of her looks against others who have sported something similar. The description of each item will be given above the pictures. Some are closer than others. At least one is exact.

See what you think. (Incidentally, do not view the last photo while trying to drink anything. You are guaranteed to spit it onto your screen.)

We begin with:

The Utilitarian Grey Jacket

The Utilitarian Grey Jacket– Perfect for the current or aspiring dictator, this jacket is a no fuss frock. Who wore it better: Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?



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