Will Smith – Cleanse Trump, Supporters Out Of Our Country


It never occurred to me, as the father of a young boy, to put him into a dress. In fact, if I tried, my boy would certainly refuse and accept whatever punishment he might face. It’s inconceivable and abuse of the child for Will Smith, the movie “tough guy,” to dress his boy up like a little girl and encourage him to develop abnormally.

This same “tough child abuser” wants to take on all of the American people who support Donald Trump and cleanse his borderless global America of us. He didn’t star in “The Purge” in theaters, or I’d have never seen it, but he’s dreaming of his own version in real life, the purge of non-liberals from America. He derides and wants to silence the same people who enable the overpaid and overrated role player to be famous. It’s a distinction he isn’t worthy of.

Part of Smith’s deal with the Devil that gave him his undeserved fame was the furtherance of the globalist one world empire. In an interview with Australian news outlet news.com.au earlier this month, Breitbart quotes Smith as deriding a “’separatist, non-inclusive, racist, xenophobic wave’ [that] is currently sweeping the globe and pulling society further apart. For a man to be able to publicly refer to a woman as a fat pig, that makes me teary.”

He’s distorting things or just ignorant. The world has been forced together into unnatural and unwelcome unification by the anti-national globalist profiteers who Smith represents. Normal is separate nations with borders. Being normal does not make us any of the insults that this piece of talentless garbage chooses to use to describe us.

His comments about being “teary” over the truth being told by Donald Trump about Rosie O’Donnell makes it obvious there have likely been many moments when Smith has joined his “son” in adopting female garb, putting on the heels and just chillin on the couch, watching “The View.”

Smith scratches his head, as many listening to him are probably doing as well, trying to follow his comments, at a press event in Dubai. He said in a slow, deliberate delivery so even those stupid enough to be his fans can understand, “In terms of Islamophobia, in America, you know, for me, that’s why it’s important to show up. It’s like I’m in Dubai and I’m having fun and I’m tweeting it and I’m showing pictures.”

“Hey, doesn’t look like they hate me does it?” as the idiot chuckles, having just grouped all Arabs of all nations together as one large loving group of Will Smith fans. Go to Mosul or Benghazi, Mr. Stupid Long-necked Actor, and take some selfies there with your loving fans. See how long you remain in one piece. Your head would make a great souvenir for someone’s dung-burning mantle.

The big-mouthed Hollywood know-it-all continues, chopping his sentences when his words aren’t scripted for him, “As painful as it is to hear Donald Trump talk and as embarrassing [as] it is as an American to hear him talk, I think it’s good. We get to hear it, we get to know who people are and now we get to cleanse it out of our country.”

This self-enamored nobody who thinks it’s painful to listen to Donald Trump, needs to understand it’s no picnic to listen to his nonsensical rhetoric. I made the decision to cleanse my movie experience of this freak when I first learned he encouraged his unisex spawn to wear dresses. I can’t justify supporting the platform and lavish life of a freak that has totally destroyed his kid’s mind. He violated a sacred trust and responsibility a father has to his children. He’s just reinforcing my decision with these comments.

Hollywood should purge this liberal trash from their ranks. The list of actors I won’t patronize is a long one, with George Clooney, Leonard DiCaprio and Matt Damon holding the top positions, but it’s the right thing to do. Two can play the cleansing game. My family, including my 100% male son, have already cleansed ourselves of trash like this.

We don’t miss him in the slightest, or his Dirty Dozen meets X-Men remake.

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