WATCH: Teacher Lets Bully Toss Classmate Like Ragdoll- Then Says WHAT?!?

Teacher Lets Bully Toss Classmate Like Ragdoll

So much for zero tolerance on bullying. A cell phone recording caught unbelievable footage inside a classroom at Matoaca High School in Chesterfield County, VA.

A punk wearing a red and black shirt apparently has an issue with someone sitting in what he had decided is his seat. He proceeds to badger, insult, and threaten the young man seated there.

When the boy has the audacity to stay seated, the bully takes physical action. He grabs the kid around the chest and slings him away from the desk. The bully then plops himself down in the coveted chair. (If his vocabulary is any indication, however, sitting in that particular spot has not aided his education.)

A verbal confrontation continues before the teacher, at long last gets involved. You would think that the adult in the room would reprimand the aggressor, correct? Nope.

This sad excuse for an educator tells the young man being harassed to “pick a seat and SHUT UP.” Apparently the boy being unwilling to back-down was beyond the pale for this teacher. He didn’t mind the cussing, the disruption to his class, or the physical assault. On the other hand, a kid trying to stand up for himself seems to be intolerable.

*Be advised- this video contains multiple obscenities.

[youtube id=”sEBV6eGd9nQ” autoplay=”no”]

When a school only scores a 4 out of 10 on you don’t expect much in the way of test scores. Even in an under-performing facility, though, some level of safety should exist.

According to, school officials for Chesterfield county have stated that they have been made aware of the video and are investigating.

For a person in a position of authority to allow the mistreatment of those over whom he has charge is bad enough. To champion the chump is inexcusable.

Maybe instead of demonstrating to his students the meaning of “ineptitude,” he can provide a lesson on the definition of “severance package.”

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source: Universal Free Press





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