Watch How This Veteran is Treated by a VA Doctor, This Should INFURIATE All Americans!

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This is one of those videos that leaves you sick to your stomach. The three-minute video (shown below) was recorded at Dorn VA in Columbia, SC. It shows the interaction between a veteran and his doctor.

The patient questions the doctor about having blood in his urine.  The doctor replies, “You’re pretty much done. I’m not going to discuss anything with you further.”

The patient obviously becomes frustrated and his wife can be heard questioning the doctor about her husband’s high blood pressure, telling the doctor that his blood pressure is thru the roof. The doctor is heard disputing the patient’s blood pressure concerns, which the doctor called “normal.” The wife asks,” 153/109 is not thru the roof?” A normal blood pressure reading should be around 120/80 mm Hg.  Anything higher than 140/90 IS thru the roof and considered hypertension.   This doctor didn’t seem to care though and dismissed the patient’s concerns. He also recommended the patient find care elsewhere.

Later in the exchange, the doctor said, “I don’t buy what you have to tell me, and I’ve already evaluated you from an emergency standpoint, and you don’t have anything. Everything was normal and there’s nothing I can do.”

Since when does having hypertension and blood in your urine considered normal?

After the patient complained, the doctor just walked out.

This can not be tolerated and I beg readers to make this story known! Our veterans deserve the very best care available. They shouldn’t leave the hospital until they have ALL of their needs met and ALL of their questions answered.

Dorn VA issued this statement in response to a request for a comment on the video:

“Dorn VAMC leadership has taken steps to review the details of the interaction and medical interventions at the time of the event. The video only shows the end of the encounter, however, Dorn leadership is taking it seriously. Senior medical staff has attempted to reach out and will continue to try to contact the Veteran and his family to offer an immediate resolution to his medical concerns and ensure that proper health care was, or is given per the health needs of the Veteran. Each Veteran’s visit is personal and unique. We strive to ensure the best health care is given in each situation and wish to express our regrets to the Veteran and his family for not meeting their expectations during his encounter.”

This is yet another horrible incident to add to the long list of veteran abuse at VA facilities.  As far as I know, this doctor has not been disciplined and that is just unacceptable.

That patient probably spent months, maybe years, in the most dangerous parts of the world defending our freedom. To think that he sacrificed so much for this country just to be treated like a worthless animal and tossed aside makes me beyond livid.

Please publicly shame this doctor. If the VA won’t do anything about this, we are going to have to take this matter into our own hands.




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