VIRAL Video: Angry Veteran EXPLODES on Punks for Playing “Pokemon Go” on Graves of Fallen Soldiers

This is one of the most disrespectful acts I have ever seen. A group of teens and young adults decided to play an internet game on the graves of our deceased Veterans. The incident happened at Veterans Memorial Park in Winona and video of what happened is going viral fast.

The punk shown in the video is named Brandon. The poor baby didn’t want to give his last name because he says that since the video went viral, he has received death threats. Brandon  claims to have “huge respect for veterans,” but the footage shows quite the opposite.

Bruce Reed, a local veteran, confronted Brandon and his friends when they began playing Pokemon Go at the Veterans Memorial cemetery. Reed asked the players to leave for a week, but instead they put up a tent and “camped out” on the graves of fallen soldiers.

“He wants to say that he doesn’t want kids or anyone around his area unless they are there to mourn the fallen solider,” Brandon said. “Everyone who has played there has already looked at all the monuments and took time to read all the monuments and read what all happened and stuff…I don’t understand why he’s so upset,” he continued.

Are you kidding me?

Bruce Reed has been MORE than understanding when it comes to outsiders visiting the Memorial.

“We don’t want them doing anything but honoring the park down there. They can go down there. They can walk down there. They can hold hands together. They can sit on the benches. They can look at the monument but we don’t want them playing Pokemon. This is sacred ground for us here in Winona,”

Mr. Reed is now facing charges simply for demanding respect for our fallen military men and women.

Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous?

Watch the full video below….



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