VIDEO: Marco Rubio Answers Atheist With DROP THE MIC MOMENT!

Marco Rubio Answers Atheist

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you “confidence with class.” This is how a person running for President handles a critic.

Marco Rubio was questioned about the influence of his faith on his political decisions. His answer is sheer perfection.

His response at the 1:28 mark is great, but the 3:53 mark is spectacular.

This is precisely what our country is lacking. Here is a man willing to passionately defend his faith while still respecting the beliefs of others.

Rubio does not return the questioner’s sarcasm. Neither does he attempt to downplay his own Christianity to garner support from the man.

Videos like this one solidify the differences between Marco Rubio and candidates like Donald Trump. The Senator does not smirk at, antagonize, or insult his detractor. He answers intelligently and in a straight forward manner. He is a class act.

Another thing to be drawn from this exchange is Rubio’s stance on religious freedom policies. He makes it clear that he will not support legislation that restricts the rights of a citizen to speak about their spiritual beliefs.

According to the man who posted the original video, his phone did not record the entire exchange. Rubio went on to say that it was “his belief that religious owners of businesses should not be forced to provide services that go against their conscience.”

There is a beauty to questions and answer sessions. The candidate’s responses are not scripted, pre-planned monologues that someone else has loaded with facts to make the candidate look informed. They are a true test of the speaker’s knowledge and character.

Maturity and the ability to keep a cool head when provoked are attributes that play a large role in a person’s suitability for the role of President of the United States of America.

The President is more than just a leader, he is an icon. The person elected should not be a representation of what they think Americans are, but what they could be.

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source: Justin Scott– youtube





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