Unbelievable: Judges Protect Military Medal POSERS!

Judges Protect Military Medal POSERS!

Apparently, military medals no longer have to be earned. Anyone can wear a medal as an expression of “free speech” according to a panel of judges.medals

Forget having to actually get injured in the line duty to receive a Purple Heart. Now you can just pick one up at you local Army-Navy store and rock it.

The fact that you are a spineless coward stealing the honor due to an actual service member will no longer bring you any legal trouble.

Now, don’t get any ideas about wearing a policeman’s badge and claiming you earned it. Impersonating an officer is, somehow, considered different.  That is not free speech. That is a misdemeanor.

While brave men and women are busy protecting your Constitutional rights, you may now feel free exercise them to disrespect those same men and women. Go on; degrade the courage and sacrifice it takes to earn a medal.

Elven Joe Swisher did. He testified in court while sporting the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with a Bronze “V,” the Silver Star, a Purple Heart, and a Navy and Marine Corps Ribbon. Strangely, his military records do not show him have been awarded any of those. In fact, he is not known to have received a single medal.

Now he is being exonerated of any wrong doing. Judges of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals have ruled that wearing unearned medals is protected under Swisher’s 1st Amendment rights.

His 2007 conviction under the Stolen Valor Act has been overturned and he is free to resume his life as a lying imbecile with a serious case of short man’s syndrome.

So go ahead all you insecure people who need to claim another person’s accomplishments as your own to bolster your flagging ego. Trick yourself out with medals in your next profile pic. Evidently, you are not being a faint-hearted, dishonest weakling, you are just expressing yourself.

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source: Military Times




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