Trump Blamed By Media / Establishment Candidates For Marxist Thuggery


 Trump Attacked By Marxists, Media, GOP Establishment – Their Last Option

Leftist thugs, including Bernie Sanders supporters and Black Lives Matter agitators, crashed, disrupted and shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago yesterday. Paul Joseph Watson gives his insight into how the whole ugly display and narrative has been handled by the complicit media.

He notes how the violent attacks against the non-violent Trump supporters who were simply exercising their First Amendment rights in the electoral process are being portrayed as the free speech and the innocent attendees who were attacked are being described as violent.

Mr. Trump is being blamed as somehow inciting the violence by not cowering to the disrupters at previous rallies. Apparently he is required to sheepishly surrender his microphone to Marxist thugs any time they choose to demand it or to act out. That’s not going to happen.

Watson asks how the dishonest corporate media would have reported the events if the positions had been reversed. What would they have said in response to Trump supporters attacking the attendees at a Bernie Sanders rally? Would that still have been a simple exercise in free speech?

Watson points out that not only were notorious leftists, including domestic terrorist Bill Ayers in attendance and part of the melee, but the attacks on the candidate were leveled from all side of the media and his opponents. He highlights the comments of the usual dishonest suspects, Megyn Kelly, Rachel Maddow, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, all blaming Trump for the actions of others.

He identifies the media as being largely responsible for the environment in which the radical thugs freely operate, having given them undue legitimacy. They’ve been given the same gift by the equally illegitimate and anti-American occupier of the White House, who invited them in for a planning session last month. This was likely part of the discussion, though they’d never admit it publicly.

They claim publicly that Obama, the most destructive force on this nation in our history, is uniting America. Sure he is.

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