Trump Bested Cooper – No Soundbite To Save Clinton In Wide-Ranging Interview


Donald Trump was interviewed by Anderson Cooper on Thursday as he was preparing to go on in Manchester, New Hampshire, another event before a huge, rock star type of crowd.

CNN is the enemy camp as a pro-Clinton propaganda media outlet, but Trump, unlike Mrs. Clinton, is not afraid of the media. They still get an occasional interview in spite of their bias. Anderson Cooper starts off by asking for clarification on the issue of immigration and what is to be done with the eleven to thirty million illegals already here.

Trump points out that he will be providing a detailed outline in a speech next week so he won’t get into the specifics, but he gives an overall view. The first component is securing the border and allowing the border patrol to do their jobs. The wall will be built and Mexico is going to pay for it. He will end sanctuary cities and on day one contact law enforcement around the country to tell them to start picking up the bad dudes they haven’t been allowed to touch under the criminal Obama regime.

They are going to be the first deported and it will happen quickly. He promises that will be the first document he signs as president. Mr. Trump reaffirms there is no path to legalization unless the illegal aliens first leave the country and return properly documented and legal. He adopts a wait and see posture for those who are long term illegal aliens who have not committed a crime other than their illegality here in the US.

Trump points to the request made by the people of New Hampshire for him to stop all of the drug traffic that is ravaging the United States and promises to do just that. He repeats, “There’s no legalization, there’s no amnesty, and if somebody wants to go legalization route, what they’ll do is go, leave the country, hopefully come back in, and then we can talk. And one other thing,” and points to the millions of people trying to come into the United States legally and how unfair it is to allow trespassers to step to the front of the line.

Donald Trump is taking aim at winning over black and Hispanic voters in America, what has been the automatic, taken for granted Democrat vote based on the slavery of empty promises and handouts rather than prosperity. True equality and a realistic opportunity for achieving the American dream are what Trump is offering. The required step is to cut the umbilical cord of the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton, the basis for him asking, “What have you got to lose” and for labeling Hillary Clinton a bigot.

Cooper asks Trump if he thinks Clinton is personally a bigot, which he replies in the affirmative, judging her by her policies and actions and the impact they’ve had on low income people of color. Trump says he believes black Americans will give him a chance because they’ve been failed by the Democrats and they want something better.  He says, “The inner cities are worse than they’ve ever been. We’ve got 40% rates of poverty, you have black youth that can’t get jobs, 58% can’t get jobs, education is a disaster. They’ve been talking about his since I was five years old and understood what was going on. They have been talking about his for years.”

He continues, “Hillary Clinton talks about it all the time. She has done a horrible job and then you add all of the scandal and the lies and deception to the emails, she should be in jail. Hillary Clinton should be in jail; you know it, the FBI Director knows it, everybody else knows it. She should be in jail. What she did with  erasing 33,000 emails, she shouldn’t be out even talking about inner cities or running for president.

They address her recent flailing attempts to stay afloat and the newly unveiled alt-right wing conspiracy that she’s throwing out as well as her personal attacks on Trump, his campaign and millions of Americans who believe in freedom.

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