Tomi Lahren Reminds AMERICANS to Vote, Then Has a Few Choice Words For the Dead and Illegals

Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren Reminds AMERICANS to Vote, Then Has a Few Choice Words For the Dead and Illegals

Tomi Lahren reminds Americans that it is very important that they vote. She reiterates she’s addressing Americans and explains that she isn’t speaking to either dead people or invaders who barged into this country illegally. She notes that while they are accustomed to having their butts wiped by Obama and Hillary Clinton, that special treatment doesn’t include the right to vote.

She points out the Democrat fraud, they are the party of criminals, after all, includes 2.8 million who are registered to vote in two or more states and 1.8 million who, although they are registered to vote, are actually deceased.


Lahren points out that in 2008 over six percent of non-citizens were able to vote, a number which was the difference in getting their current fellow illegal squatter elected. She advocates for voter ID laws although there is obviously not enough time at this late stage in the game for us to do much beyond some intensive poll watching and the associated challenges.

DHS Secretary and illegal alien enabler Jihadi Jeh Johnson has been promoting the idea that the election will be hacked so there’s little doubt the Democrats have something in the works, some form of illegality to put their criminal into office, likely an assortment of attacks across not only polling sites but elsewhere.

She reminds us of the ludicrous arguments of the left against protecting the integrity of the electoral process, the claims that voter ID laws “disenfranchise voters and hamper the minority vote. She asks the question many of us have given up trying to get an answer to because their simply is none, saying, “I still don’t get how showing a driver’s license or ID card to vote is in any way racist or exclusionary.”

Ms. Lahren says, “If you need an ID to buy Sudafed, get into a bar, cash a check or board an airplane, you sure as hell need one to vote for our next president. This is common sense and if the Dems don’t like that, well, that tells you everything you need to know about that party.”

She mentions that the IDs are also free for those who can’t afford one, asking, “Since when have Democrat voters ever had a hard time accepting a free thing. Lahren adds, “This war against voter ID laws is nothing more than a continuation of the left’s favorite narrative, everyone is a victim and law and order is oppressive. Give me a break.”

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