Tomi Lahren – Miss Piggy Machado, New Khan Distraction, Hole For Clinton To Crawl Into


Tomi Lahren says she would move on from the debate but the mainstream media hacks just won’t let her. She gotten a little sick of hearing about how mean Donald Trump was to the latest incarnation of Khizr khan, Alicia Machado, or Miss Piggy, as she’s known to much of America. Is it acceptable for an Islamist puppet to transform into pork?

Lahren plays a clip of the debate in which Clinton issued her attack and then starts a short tally for comparisons’ sake. There’s Whitewater, Benghazi, the email scandal, lying about her health and the Clinton Foundation. Calling a woman fat twenty years ago is pretty insignificant. She asks, “Who exactly is Alicia Machado, pointing out that she threatened to kill a judge and was an accomplice to murder in 1998. She’s also starred in pornographic films.

It’s not Machado’s past that bothers Tomi Lahren as much as the fact that she’s making the Khan circuit, being paraded around “CNN, ABC and the rest of the mainstream media for Hillary circuit.” She asks, “Even if Trump did call her fat twenty years ago, what bearing does that have on the economy, national security, immigration or anything else, for that matter?”  

“Especially,” Lahren points out, “When Hillary has her own history of shaming, silencing and intimidating Bill’s accusers. Enough. Instead I ask you, the American voter to follow the money. Fact is she put the office of Secretary of State up for sale. Can you imagine what she’d do in the Oval Office?” She asks, “Media, where are you? Five people have taken DOJ immunity in her foundation’s pay to play racket.”

“Some more info for you that apparently Lester Holt didn’t find relevant. Hillary and her lackeys have received almost $100 million in campaign donations from the financial sector this election cycle alone. She is owned by Wall Street.” The Clinton Foundation corruption has permeated everything they touch and then there’s those foreign donors. They’re all topics that Holt also thought were not as newsworthy as rehashing the illegitimate pretend ‘president’s’ fake documents and background.”

“Get familiar and don’t let the mainstream media play you for a  fool, she says.” There’s a lot of fools that are perfectly happy being deceived. That, in combination with the corrupt media, are Clinton’s secret to staying in this race as long as she has in spite of all the things she’s done.

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