The REAL Reason Why Obama is Skipping Nancy Reagan’s Funeral Will Have You FURIOUS!

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Never has America had such an openly disrespectful president who put politics ahead of common decency so often.  Nancy Reagan transcended politics. She didn’t care what party you supported, she only cared about doing what it best for this country.  She loved America and she was able to put politics aside. Obama, on the other hand, can not. It was announced today that Obama will not be attending Nancy Reagan’s funeral.

This is the same president who traveled to the other side of the world to attend the funeral of the murderer Nelson Mandela, but he can’t give a few hours of his precious time to pay respect to Nancy Reagan?

He MUST have something extremely important to do because even he knows the optics of missing the funeral of such an adored first lady would be disgraceful.  So what will our commander in chief be doing that simply can not be rescheduled? A MUSIC FESTIVAL!  Obama will be at a MUSIC FESTIVAL! 

President Obama will be speaking that day at the South by Southwest conference in Austin.  Keep in mind, Nancy Reagan’s funeral is going to be held in Simi Vally, just a two hour flight on Air force One from Austin. This is not a scheduling issue. Obama could even attend both events if he wanted to. This is a simple case of Obama spitting in the face of republicans in the lowest way possible. map

We saw the same thing when Obama didn’t attend Justice Scalia’s funeral.   Obama is incapable of putting ideology aside because to do that you would mean you have to love this country.  You would have to appreciate all of the wonderful work Nancy Reagan did and the hundreds of American lives she changed for the better.

Obama hates that Ronald Reagan had to clean up Carter’s mess. He hates that during Reagan’s seven-year recovery, the economy grew by almost one-third, the equivalent of adding the entire economy of West Germany, He hates that over 20 million new jobs were created by Reagan, increasing U.S. civilian employment by almost 20%. Under Obama, 94 million working age Americans have left the workforce.

Obama is a liberal and liberals hate everything America stands for. They rejoiced online at the announcement of Nancy Reagan’s death and Obama is no better.

Shame on this president for being the epitome of what is wrong with this country.


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