Black Teen Pepper-Sprayed by Police, But Here is the FULL Video the Media Won’t Show!



Racial tensions between the black community and police are at an all time high and the media is loving it. So when video emerged of a white officer pepper spraying a black teenage girl, the liberal media jumped at the chance to twist the story.


Here is the EDITED clip being circulated around the internet. It shows a an officer pepper spraying a girl in a car for what seems like no reason.

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The full unedited video ( shown below) tells a different story. After this young “lady” hit a car with her bike, she wanted to leave the scene. Since she is a minor, the police could not let her leave. The officers politely asked the girl to stay, but she responded with “Get the F*ck away from me!”

After several attempts to calm the girl down and explain what was happening, it was clear that she was not going to respect the officer’s lawful orders and comply. Instead, she ASSAULTED the officers, wrestling with them to get away while yelling profanities. The police put her in hand cuffs and one officer placed his hand on her shoulder to keep her from running away.

Things REALLY escalated when the police transported her to the vehicle. They literally had to carry her while she repeatedly KICKED officers, even damaging one officer’s body camera. Once in the vehicle she STILL wouldn’t comply and refused to put her legs into the car. They warned her repeatedly that she would be sprayed if she didn’t put her feet in the car and let them close the door. She still refused to put her legs in the vehicle so the officer pepper sprayed her one time.

The family of the girl is claiming that the cops beat her and pepper sprayed her 4 times which is completely untrue as you can see in the video.

Police have since charged the girl with failure to obey a traffic device, possession of marijuana, two counts of second-degree assault, and disorderly conduct.

This is the FULL video, released by the police.

[iframe id=”” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”940″]


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