Ted Cruz Has A Spontaneous Moment And Confronts A Crowd Of Trump Supporters…Wait, WHAT????

For months now, as the hackles have been raised among the Ted Cruz contingent across the internet, and even among some pundits for no other reason than he is not Donald Trump, with every revelation, insinuation, and statement by those who know Cruz that he is not what he makes himself out to be, some of us out here on the fruited plain have been wondering when a simple reality would sink in: Ted Cruz likes to debate, because he’s a memorizer.  He doesn’t do spontaneous.

Think about it, here’s a guy who is running for president with standing invitations to appear on any number of networks and doesn’t according to the reporters.  When he does appear on news media shows, he won’t answer direct questions, but gives a diatribe on what he wants the people to hear.  (This has been going on in politics for so long that no one notices that it’s happening anymore other than the reporters, and Jake Tapper showed us how to push back when the spin gets to be too much.)  His body language around his wife screams, “Are we done yet?”  Come on, even Chelsea Clinton’s husband knows where to touch her to give off the idea that he’s in love with her – and he wasn’t a Shakespearean actor in college.  (Ted…try putting your hand on her hip, not around her shoulders, or upper back. Men in love with their wives pat them on the butt, too, even if the wife is Laura Bush.)

(Yes, my readers, I did take stage and acting for the camera. This stuff sticks out when you know what to look for.)

So given all of that, actually watching the video below taken the Monday before the Indiana primary, the subject of a supposition over at Conservative Treehouse, set off some alarms:

[iframe id=”http://video.insider.foxnews.com/v/video-embed.html?video_id=4874853815001″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”640″]

Sundance points out that this doesn’t pass the smell test, and seems to be maybe, just maybe, a set-up.  As a theory, anything is possible, but let’s break it down:

How many times do Donald Trump supporters actually protest other candidates? And, really, there weren’t that many of them.  Trump pulls in crowds of tens of thousands.

The people “protesting” were all largely one stereotypical demographic: middle aged white men.  Donald Trump supporters come in all shapes, ages, sizes, colors, and from all walks of life.  If there really were a real call to protest – and no evidence has been presented that that is the case, there would be a lot more people.

Cruz was very calm and measured with each question asked, an answer ready for the interrogation questions he answered himself.  This is contrary to his behavior with reporters who ask him questions he doesn’t want to answer, but it is typical of a debate champion who knows how to memorize.

Ted also repeated verbatim a lot of memes and stories about Trump that have been debunked as not being the whole truth or distorted.  The one lawsuit that the Donald is said to have lost on illegal immigration was actually lost by a subcontractor.  Trump’s stance on the Second Amendment is starkly constitutional.  His position white paper as published on his website saysThe Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period.  Donald Trump wouldn’t have come over and talked to them?  Is he kidding?  Maybe not, but Trump certainly would not have instructed anyone to punch those supporting the opposition in the face.  Not even.  The people protesting TRUMP’s rallies are the ones doing the violence.  That has been proven.

I quit watching after that.  The fake southern accent was getting on my nerves.

Against Donald Trump, who as a businessman is accustomed to thinking and talking on his feet extemporaneously rather than memorizing a dialogue and regurgitating it, this talking to “protesters” just looks scripted.  Not only that, the way the photographers were gathered around, like they knew it was coming…sundance at Conservative Treehouse has a point.  Like a lot of the rest of Cruz’s campaign it just doesn’t look real.  Or at the very least, not spontaneous.

To those who are emotionally invested in electing a self-styled “constitutional conservative” who calls a value added tax a business flat tax…Cruz just hit it out of the park.

How each voter reacts is up to them.

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