Ted Cruz Insults Trump Backers, Says They Are “Low Information, Not Engaged”

Ted Cruz just found a way to MASSIVELY hack off at least a third of the electorate.  In an interview on Wednesday with David Brody of CBN News, Cruz was asked:

“If it’s not for evangelicals in the deep south keeping Donald Trump alive, you’re on your way to becoming the nominee.  Would you agree?”

To that, Cruz answered (emphasis from this writer):

“Donald has done well in the southeastern states. He has had a good base of support. We’ve done well as well, we’ve been typically second in each of those states, and we’ve racked up delegates. Now Donald has a harder problem in the west, it’s interesting, his location he does well in the southeast. He does well with a certain demographic of voter. Donald gave a press conference where he said, to quote him, ‘I love the poorly educated.’ Listen, part of it is I think Donald is taking advantage of his voters because I understand what they’re angry about, but Donald if you’re angry at the corruption of Washington, you don’t solve it by supporting someone who has been enmeshed in the Washington corruption for forty years.”

“Listen, Donald does well with voters who have relatively low information, who are not that engaged and who are angry and they see him as an angry voice. Where we are beating him is when voters’ get more engaged and they get more informed. When they inform themselves, they realize his record. He’s what they’re angry at. He is the corruption, and if you want someone to stand up to Washington, the only one who has been doing so in this race is me.”

Low information?  NOT ENGAGED?  Has Teddy bothered to pay attention to the Trump rallies OR who is attending them?  All polling – which is unreliable anymore – indicates that Trump supporters come from all walks of life and are sick and tired of watching Washington not pay any attention to the taxpayers.  We also know that Trump does well in OPEN primaries, where anyone can take a Republican ballot and vote.  And the people have been turning out to vote for him in droves.  That means there’s crossing of the aisle going on in addition to those who vote in order to put up the weakest candidate against the Democrat.  That is NOT unengaged at all.  Cruz is winning the closed primaries and caucuses where the Republicans are counting the votes.

And then there is the matter of the corrupt insiders in Washington.  Last time most of us looked, Trump was a self made man out of New York.  Yes, to make things happen, he has to work with the governments involved, but Trump is not a creature of Foggy Bottom.  Alright, Mr. Cruz, the Senator from Texas, shall we take a look at YOUR employment record?  From Wikipedia:

This is not the record of a pristine outsider to the corruption that we think of in Washington.  The majority of Cruz’s work history is in government.  And he’s basically now on record (there is a video here) claiming that “the little people” just don’t know enough to be enlightened.  That doesn’t even count his wife working for Goldman Sachs.

Yeah, Ted, that’s a sure way to win friends and influence people.  NOT.

Oh, and by the way, there is a large percentage of the uninformed out here on the fruited plain who are still questioning the “natural born” of YOUR citizenship.  Dude, you were born in Canada.  Yes, your mother is an American, but Canada is not a U.S. military base.

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