Breaking: Suicide Bomber Attacks Hospital! 70+ Dead! *Graphic Images*

 Suicide Bomber Attacks Hospital!

A suicide bomber has taken the lives of over 70 people. Worse than simply their deaths is the fact that they were set up to be murdered. This was no random attack. It was planned and executed with precision.

The incident took place inside a hospital. A large group had gathered there. Why? They went to mourn their friend and fellow lawyer. Bilal Kasi, the president of the Baluchistan Bar Association, was shot dead a few hours before.

Kasi’s death was orchestrated in order to bring the other lawyers together. It worked. His coworkers assembled at the hospital to which his body had been sent to mourn him. Once they had congregated inside, the suicide bomber entered and detonated.

Suicide bomber attacks hospital

Suicide bomber attacks hospital

According to survivors, the bomber entered dressed in  a suit and tie to blend in with the lawyers. Once he made his way to the center to the group, he set off his explosives.

112 people were wounded. More than 70 are dead. That number is likely to rise as others succumb to their injuries. Though lawyers were the specific target, they were not the only victims. Two members of the Pakistani media and one 14 year old boy were also killed in the blast.

A reporter described the carnage and chaos. “There were bodies strewn everywhere, bleeding lawyers trying to get up. It was a scene of utter horror and devastation.”

One witness explained the immediate aftermath. “When we got out of the building, there were dead bodies everywhere and people were shouting and screaming, trying to find their loved ones.”

The hospital in which the explosion occurred is located in Quetta. It is a city in the Southwestern part of Pakistan. Jihadists there claimed responsibility soon after the event. The attack was perpetrated by Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a Taliban and ISIS-affiliated group. “Our attacks will continue till the imposition of the Islamic system in the country,” they announced.

Baluchistan’s government spokesman Anwar ul-Haq Kakar has vowed that those at fault will soon “be brought to justice.”

“This is indeed a highly condemnable act,” he stated, “but such cowardly acts cannot shake our resolve of eradicating the menace of terrorism.”

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source: NY Times




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