Street Justice Is Served To Rapist When He Picks Wrong Victim

Street Justice

Street Justice Is Served To Rapist When He Picks Wrong Victim

Often times you read the news only to find out that a young woman has been victimized by a predator of sexual assault. It is rare to hear of a story of a young woman that takes justice into her own hands. Well, for Kimberly Walt that is exactly what happened.

She was walking home from her friends house as she was approached by Robert Williams, a convicted sex offender, three times over. Williams asked Walt if she would like a ride to where she was going, she replied, no. When Walt turned the corner Williams came out of the bushes, grabbed her, and took her.

Walt was taken to Williams’s home where he assaulted her for several hours, before falling asleep. According to Walt Williams had been drinking in large amounts. That was when she jumped into action! In what can only be described as rage for what he had put her through. She tied him up, grabbed a knife, and “castrated him.” Williams woke up screaming and yelling as Walt was putting his “parts” into a microwave.

Hot Dog Slices

According to Walt “I threw that bastards junk in the microwave, grab the plate, fork, knife, and cut it up like a hot dog,” in a recorded statement “I grabbed the gun he had on the kitchen counter, walked over to him, and forced him to eat it, I had no remorse I am not sorry, he deserved it he is going to hell.”

According to Williams statement he was afraid to die and complied with Walts “morbidly disgusting request.” Willimas was transported to a local hospital, bandaged up, booked into Fayetteville County Jail, due to circumstances Walt will not be charged for any crime.

Many are calling her a “Hero”, saying we do not have to worry about Williams committing this crime again. Saying this is what needs to be done to every rapist and child molester!



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