Soldier Who Saved Buddy Now Marries His Sister

Soldier Who Saved Buddy Now Marries His Sister

When Staff Sgt. Chris St. Onge rescued his friend and fellow soldier Bryan Dilberian, he had no idea just how big an impact it would have on his own life.

The two men were on a routine patrol in Afghanistan with their unit. An explosion occurred and killed one of their squad members. Bryan lost both his legs and his left arm in the blast. Chris managed to get to him and stop the bleeding. He then made sure that Bryan got to a hospital for care.

His concern for his friend did not stop there, though. Chris continued to check on his friend by keeping in contact with Bryan’s family. He exchanged frequent emails with Bryan’s sister, Samantha.

Soldier marries sister of man he saved

Soldier marries sister of man he saved

For 8 months the two of them spoke on the phone and emailed before they finally met in person.

“We just kept talking and one thing lead to another,” SSgt St. Onge explained. “I think we both knew, we just didn’t know how to express it to each other.”

Samantha described the way their relationship began as  “Crazy, exciting. A little bit of every emotion you can imagine.”

In August 2015, the couple became engaged.

Not long after, the learned of a contest for military personnel in their area.

The owner of  Old McMickey’s Farm in Odessa, Florida, is incredibly thankful for all that each soldier does for our country. As a way of showing his gratitude, he has an annual “Mission I Do” Dream Wedding Giveaway.

The farm is a popular, waterfront wedding venue. The Giveaway consists of an all-inclusive wedding at Old McMickey’s and and check for $30,000.

Ralph Zuckerman, the owner, received dozens of entries for the contest. Chris and Samantha were chosen as the winners. “Chris and Samantha have a love story straight out of Hollywood, except it’s true. Old McMicky’s Farm is honored to be able to give such a deserving couple the wedding of their dreams,” Zuckerman stated.

Samantha's brother, Bryan

Samantha’s brother, Bryan

The wedding took place this past weekend. Standing on his prosthetics at Chris’s side as his best man was Samantha’s brother, Bryan.

“Everything is just working out perfectly,” Samantha gushed. “I couldn’t have asked for a better husband than Chris.”

Whether you consider it a match made in heaven or in the sands of Afghanistan, this couple’s story is an amazing one.


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