Hillary “Hits” New Low In This Small Town Parade

Small Town Parade

Hillary “Hits” New Low In This Small Town Parade 

A beautiful afternoon spent with family and friends at a local parade in town, topped off with Hillary Clinton in a “Prison Cell.” Absolutely nothing could make for a better afternoon. At least I am not the only one who thinks so, two men in Iowa had this dream as well.

They took it upon themselves to make that dream come true, kind of anyhow. They made it a reality at least for the day. Of course they drew in criticism, after all how in the world could someone freely express themselves, if you’re not a liberal!


The Carroll Daily Times Herald reports two men built the cell on a trailer, then towed it Saturday in the parade celebrating the Arcadia Fire Department’s 100th anniversary. Inside was a man wearing an orange jail jumpsuit and Hillary Clinton mask. A sign reading “Hillary For Prison” was displayed.

Children were encouraged to throw water balloons at the cell.

Kyle Julin, of nearby Manilla, drove an ATV pulling the cell, which he and a friend built.

While some in the town of Arcadia a town of 500 laughed, others groaned.

The Carroll County Democrats Chair Tim Tracy called the display “sad.”

Julin said he does not care if anyone was offended.

This is the problem we have today, only the left is allowed to do as they like. Just at the RNC alone there was a lot of “freedom of expression” allowed. Reversed there is no freedom of expression allowed it always calls for immediate outrage from the left.

The liberals need to suck it up because people like this are not going any where. They will be the ones there waiting for the day when Hillary Clinton is in Prison for real, as many Americans are.



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