The Second American Revolution May Be Inevitable To Save Our Nation


If this post seems familiar to some of you, it was taken down by the Facebook Content Censorship Nazis when posted under its original title and my ID suspended for a day without explanation, typical Gestapo Zuckerberg tactics. So we reposted removing the Nazi trigger words from the title and using a different picture of their boy George.

Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch describes the situation in America today as being worse than what our founding fathers faced in the days leading up to the Revolutionary War. He says he believes that we may indeed be forced by events into a second such engagement in order to return the reins of government to their rightful holders, the American people.

Klayman uses the Hillary Clinton criminal protection effort as an example of how bad things have gotten. He says, “What we have here is a giant cover up by the elite in Washington. They protect themselves, they scratch their own backs. And so these nine investigations were basically just a sham. At the end of the day, Congress, even the Republicans, took a dive.”

“Just like FBI Director Comey,” as Klayman describes it, “checked out, took an exit stage left. If he had recommended the prosecution of Hillary Clinton over sending classified email on her private server, if he ever wanted another appointment in Washington, he would have been blocked by the Democrats and he put his own personal interests ahead of the national interests.”

Klayman says, “He’s a nice man and he’s very appealing, but this is the animal that exists, politically in Washington. They look after themselves, the American people come second, and that’s exactly why we fought a revolution in 1776. In fact the situation today is worse than in 1776 and that’s why I think we’re headed for another one.”

He hopes it can be avoided, saying, “I pray that we don’t. I want non-violent revolution, I want to use the courts, I want to use whatever means we can to bring the government back to the people. But as Thomas Jefferson said, ‘When people fear the government there’s tyranny. There’s tyranny right now.”

He addresses the evil left of this country, those who want to turn the United States into a “highly socialist state. They are disrespectful towards the police, they have incited violence to kill the police, and frankly they’re destroying this country.  It is a war; it’s a war between left and right. They’ve created a race war, regrettably, between black and white. Hillary Clinton is about ready to do it between men and women. This country is being pulled apart by the left and behind it is George Soros, with his Media Matters.”

Klayman points out that Soros is “A man who, with his dad, collaborated with the Nazis and he’s Jewish. This is what we’re dealing with. This is the mastermind behind these various actions by the left and we are in a war to save this country. We are really sinking fast.”

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