Roger Stone – Clinton Panic Over Next WikiLeaks Release As Trump Surges


Roger Stone notes that things are looking better for Donald Trump every day, with polling showing results that the political establishment said couldn’t happen. He takes notice as well of the claims that there is a right wing conspiracy driving the questions about Clinton’s failing health rather than what is in front of our own eyes.

Stone expresses his belief that Julian Assange may hold the keys to this race, a not so subtle advisory to remain calm and watch what happens based upon his insider knowledge. He reminds the viewers that the defense in the Clinton Foundation scandals has always been a lack of proof, not the denial of what happened. He believes that proof is now about to be released. He cites the Russian uranium deal in which in excess of $130 million went to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for rights to American uranium as a possible bombshell that is ready to drop.

There’s also that problem that Trump’s incursion into black America have created as far as her being able to take them for granted. They might even vote for him, in view of the horrible Democrat economic record.

He wonders if things will get so bad for the Clinton cause that they and their fellow crooked Democrats will engage in both voter fraud and election theft. Stone reminds the audience that he long ago warned to “watch the watchers.” It’s advice that is even more relevant in face of moves by Jihadi Jeh Johnson at DHS to obtain control of the election process by declaring it to be critical infrastructure in need of the regime’s “protection.”

Stone recounts a recent article he wrote for “The Hill” in which he described just how vulnerable the machines which are currently used in at least 25% of all elections are to hacking or manipulation. The Clinton safety net from the Trump movement is now exposed and becoming increasingly harder to implement.

He believes another likely major revelation by Assange that could blow the lid off of the Clinton campaign will be the theft of the money from the Haiti earthquake relief in which, together with the Bush family, most of the money went into their pockets rather than towards disaster relief.

He mentions her misdeeds in the destruction of Libya and restates how Bill Clinton sold American secrets to the Chinese, a crime that could be punishable by death. The standard blitz of negative ads accusing Trump of everything under the sun while their own puppy dogs in the media ignore her own offenses were supposed to have taken Trump out by now. It’s not working and that is leading to some genuine panic on the part of the Clintons.

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