Rivera Doesn’ t Say Cruz Is Lying, Just That The National Enquirer Is Usually Right

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After his comrades in the Romney anti-Trump Super PAC used photos of Melania Trump in a successful attempt to turn Mormon voters into Cruz voters, Trump responded predictably, by threatening to “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz and comparing photos to illustrate the differences in appearance between the two.

That prompted “Tough Guy Ted” to appear out of nowhere and conjure up some convenient teeth gritting, “how dare you do what I did by proxy” outrage, delivering a macho performance that impressed few and intimidated none.

Geraldo Rivera gives his take on the most recent escalation. Asked by Eric Boling if the wives are now fair game, Rivera replies, “I think first of all I have to mention that Senator Ted Cruz is a raving hypocrite for not mentioning that it was his Super PAC who ran the Melania nude picture on the eve of the Utah, the Mormon-heavy Utah caucuses, so I think that Cruz starts it.”

Boling brings in the cover for Cruz that it was not his Super PAC but an anti-Trump one run by like minded individuals trying to defeat Donald Trump.

Geraldo doesn’t buy the campaign dirty trick laundering through the organizational sanitizer, saying, “Well, I’m not exactly sure that it’s not a Ted Cruz Super PAC, I think there is coordination, you know, even if it’s just whispers and nods.” Boling shouts that communicating through whispers and nods is illegal as Rivera says, “Yes, of course, Citizens United, I get it.” He continues, “Here you have Ted Cruz, he could have denounced the ad, he could have said, ‘Of course you know I have no coordination with that Super PAC but let me also say that it is obnoxious that they ran that and I deplore it, I denounce it.”

Rivera notes, “He didn’t say anything for a day and then Trump hit him back and suddenly we went from comparing penis sizes to comparing whose wife is hotter. I think this doesn’t help the GOP brand at all. There was a war on women last time Mitt Romney got stiffed by it, and I think that we’re setting up the Republican Party for another failure among women voters.

Rivera reminds the viewers that he had a daytime talk show for eleven years. He says, “For eleven years I worked with Mike Walker, the chief gossip columnist for the National Enquirer. I was with him when he was right on OJ Simpson, right on Tiger Woods, right on Senator John Edwards when he was the leading candidate for the Democrat nomination in 2004 and Rielle Hunter, the mistress that was exposed.”

He says, “I think, now Ted Cruz says that Donald Trump is a sniveling coward for going after Heidi, and it’s all lies that he had five affairs and he has all these mistresses that used to work for him in various capacities in the campaign or in his Senate office, so Ted Cruz is denying it. I’m just saying that the National Enquirer is more often right than they are wrong; otherwise there wouldn’t be a National Enquirer.  I think Ted Cruz has a lot to deal with right now.”


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