POLICE PUZZLED! 43 School Bomb Threats And Counting.

School Bomb Threats Keep Rolling In

Just days after a dozen schools across Delaware and Virginia were evacuated as result of automated bomb threats, 3 more states have been struck.school

Friday, at least 9 schools in the Eastern part of Massachusetts received threats over the phone warning of explosive devices. Officials now say that Tuesday, 12 more fell victim to the same scenario.

Schools in Groton, Plymouth, Swampscott, Waltham, Ayer, Tewksbury, Newton, Boston, Kingston, Weymouth, and Westford all received threats.

The calls didn’t stop there, however. A minimum of 9 schools in New Jersey also received bomb threats on Tuesday.

New Hampshire was not spared, either. An automated threat was made there as well.

K-9 units and officers have swept the scenes. Thus far, there have been no bombs reported found at any of the locations that received the threats.

Federal authorities are now officially investigating the situation.  ATF spokesman Mike Knight, also an agent, stated “Despite the broad nature of these threats, each one is taken seriously.”

Knight explained “computer-generated programs can be used to make multiple threats while shielding one’s identity, much like robocalls from telemarketers.”

Arlington police chief Frederick Ryan assured the public that his department had the situation in hand. “We are actively working with our law enforcement partners to thoroughly investigate.”

A FBI spokeswoman announced that Bureau investigators are working alongside State Police in an effort to assist them in “identifying the source of the threats.”

Translation: nobody knows who is causing all the chaos.

While law enforcement officers scramble to figure out who is behind all this, the threat count keeps rising.

Assuming the calls are related, the motive is still a mystery, as well.

Could it be a bored, computer-savvy person looking for kicks? Maybe it is somebody with a chip on their shoulder about their own school experience. More frighteningly, could all these calls be an effort to desensitize police before a legitimate attack?

Let’s hope the answers are found soon and before any real damage is done.

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source: Boston Globe






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