Obama To Import 110K “Syrians” Beginning Next Month – Bringing Euro-Chaos To USA


We knew this was coming, Hussein Obama is converting America into a Muslim country, part of his plan to build a North American caliphate.

In pursuit of that objective, he’s announcing the plan to import 110,000 terrorists, terrorist sympathizers, terrorist interns and a few non-terrorists to provide a cover story over the next fiscal year, which begins October first.

The lies, diversions and distortions to cover the importation of terrorists into the United States by the jihadist in the White House and his operatives Jeh Johnson, John Kerry and their subordinate leadership continues. It’s indefensible and cannot be justified, the reason for the following bit of tongue-tied gibberish from Francis Taylor, DHS Under Secretary.

In attempting to explain during House hearings why they are ignoring the fact, as testified to by numerous high level individuals involved with the process, that we are unable to properly vet the Syrian supposed “refugees,” this drivel fell out of his mouth. Taylor said, “It’s not that we don’t have perfect information on the individuals, some of that information destroyed, it does not mean we can’t check other data sets for data that helps us better understand who we’re dealing with and to validate their stories.”

As best as we can decipher the meaning behind his disjointed sentence, that’s exactly what it means. There are no databases to check, that testimony came from a variety of top level individuals involved in the process, in DHS, The State Department and the FBI. Even Jeh Johnson admitted it on multiple occasions. There is no way to validate a story unless he’s checking their Facebook profile page, useful probably but hardly a source of validation.

Taylor makes his comments at the end of the video. They are representative of the ineptitude and deliberate obstructionism of the Obama regime to efforts to control this gaping hole in our defenses he and his henchmen have created, providing context to the rest of Catherine Herridge’s report.

Congressman John Ratcliffe (R-TX) spoke to that point, saying, “It would appear, despite warnings from our own top national security officials, and then independent events like what happened in Germany, that the administration is essentially doubling down on this Syrian ‘refugee’ program.”

Herridge points out that the terrorist group that conducted the Paris Massacre entered Europe under the same open door system that Obama plans to use to bring in the terrorists he will use to attack America. The terrorist in the White House is importing his army. Congress had better stand up and represent us, not just keep talking as Obama attacks.


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