As Time Runs Out, Obama Expands Program for Illegals

The Obama administration is expanding their efforts to allow more Central American invaders to come to the United States masquerading as refugees. White House source say that the administration will soon expand efforts to help Central American families and children legally invade the United States amid another surge of illegals caught crossing the border.

Deputy Homeland Security Adviser Amy Pope said Tuesday that the administration is expanding the controversial in-country refugee processing for invaders coming from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. In addition, they will launch an effort to temporarily relocate some illegals facing the greatest threats to Costa Rica. Obama is also broadening a nearly two-year-old program that allows Central American children to join their parents already legally living in the United States, even though the entered illegally.


Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that program will now also allow siblings, in-country parents and other caregivers to move to the U.S. with a child approved for the program, effectively bringing in another 4 or 5 persons for ever illegal already here. The efforts are designed as a way to serender the sovereignty of the nation to the illegals without them risking the cross-country trip here. But it is unclear how quickly the expanded efforts may impact the flow of immigrants trying to make their way to the United States illegally.

Since the start of the budget year in October, more than 51,100 people traveling as families and more than 43,000 unaccompanied children have been caught illegally crossing the Mexican border, virtually none of which have been deported. The number of such immigrants has been steadily rising this year after significant decreases between the 2014 and 2015 budget years.

The Obama administration first launched the effort to allow child invaders to legally come to the U.S. in December 2014. More than 600 have moved to the United States since then. Mayorkas said 2,884 kids have been approved for the program and more than 9,500 applications are pending. In January, the administration first announced that the United States would turn over to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees all pre-screening of Hispanic invaders and their families. U.S. officials will now handle more in-country processing for those families.

Pope said refugee programs in Central America are being expanded because “current efforts to date haven’t been sufficient.” The new programs, she said, are designed to help “promote safe and orderly invasion and border security.” Translation, it is easier to secure the border if you give the invaders a key to the gates.

Pope said it is unclear how many families and children may benefit from the enhanced programs but officials expect requests for help to steadily increase as the programs get underway in the coming months. At least until Central America runs out of people.

In the meantime, Costa Rica will also soon start accepting up to 200 people in immediate need of refuge at a time for up to six months.

And remember, if Hillary is elected, this will only get worse as she plans to all but merge the U.S. and Mexico.


The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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